Are you giving to Wikipedia?

  Muergo 15:50 26 Nov 2011

If you have used Wikipedia recently you will have seen the appeal from the founder for a donation of £3 a month "To keep Wikipedia free"?

I use it a lot and feel inclined to pay something, you are not obliged to the figure of £3, you can offer less or more, or pay a one off.

I just wanted to know what fellow forum members thought about this.

  johnnyrocker 19:32 26 Nov 2011

maybe speakers corner might be best for this?


  Digital 19:39 26 Nov 2011

Yes, I occasionally donate a few £s. Wikipedia is a valuable resource & I'd hate to see it having to take money from sponsors.

  Muergo 20:48 26 Nov 2011

johnnyrocker can't have read Wikipedia recently, I don't think that Speakers Corner would have answers to some of the peculiar items I have looked up recently, every time something comes up in the newspapers or radio/tv, I can't rest until I find out about it, I know I am an information freak/geek but I can't help it.

In our field I recently leared about the different types of recording on CD/DVD/Bluray and how the burning on our PCs is totally different from the factory pressed discs and influences the life of all the systems.

That's just one item, I can spend hours linking from one thread to another and wonder where the day has gone.

Somehow I must get myself fixed,

  Forum Editor 21:26 26 Nov 2011

This thread really belongs in Speakers Corner. I'll transfer it now.

  Forum Editor 21:30 26 Nov 2011

Wikipedia can be a valuable resource, but it would be a big mistake to think that everything published there is fact. There are many inaccuracies.

I wouldn't pay to read Wikipedia articles.

  interzone55 21:48 26 Nov 2011

I think this cartoon demonstrates the dangers of believing everything you read in Wikipedia...

  morddwyd 08:01 27 Nov 2011

Wiki is written by people like us.

I cannot be the only forum member who has contributed to Wiki.

As I will readily admit, even I have been known to be wrong on the odd occasion!

  ton 20:37 27 Nov 2011

No I wouldn't pay.

  [email protected] 02:14 28 Nov 2011

I'm fully aware that Wikipedia may not be all that accurate about everything, but it always astounds me just how good most of the articles are and far surpasses any expectations I would have had for it had someone told me years ago that an online encyclopedia in which anyone could write the articles was going to be made.

I first saw the plea for a donation on Wikipedia about a year ago (I think!), and I made a one-off donation of £7. I feel a monthly donation of £3 is a bit excessive but I'm sure I'd donate again in the future when money wasn't so tight. I'd sorely miss it if it were to go.

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