Are You Getting Hot Under The Collar?

  oresome 16:24 10 Nov 2015

It could be that the air-con has been turned off in your office.

National Grid are paying some customers to turn off their air-con as a measure of last resort when demand exceeds the ability to supply electricity.

This isn't some theoretical measure. It was actually deployed last week because of a breakdown at a power station and the extremely tight capacity margins we have at present.

  Forum Editor 18:08 10 Nov 2015

"....the extremely tight capacity margins we have at present."

And that's in the warmest beginning to November on record. God help us when temperatures plunge.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 10 Nov 2015

Its November why is the air con still on? :0)

  tullie 18:21 10 Nov 2015

Air Conditioning can heat or cool.

  Forum Editor 18:31 10 Nov 2015

One way to conserve a bit of power would be to put a benchmark on when people can cover their entire house with seasonal lights.

Driving back home from a meeting just now I passed a house that was entirely swamped with flashing, coloured lights, and it's only the 10th of November!

There's a house not far from where I live that is usually so brightly lit in this way each year I would think it can be seen from space. My wife makes me drive slowly past it, so she can have a good look.

  csqwared 19:44 10 Nov 2015

Oh! Good effort FE. All those references to seasonal, flashing coloured lights without mentioning the 'C' word once!! ;-))

  Forum Editor 19:51 10 Nov 2015


Thank you. It wasn't easy, as you can see.

  Aitchbee 19:55 10 Nov 2015

God help us when temperatures plunge.

That's exactly what my indoor tropical plants say!

  oresome 20:20 10 Nov 2015

NG did say that at the time they took the load shedding action, wind turbines were generating just 1% of demand.

It seems they don't work when we need them and at other times we pay to have them turned off because they generate electricity we can't use!

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