Are you gearing up for HDTV then?

  TOPCAT® 23:07 04 Feb 2005

This new viewing format starts next year (with Sky TV airing it first) and will mean buying some expensive new kit to receive it. High definition video cameras and webcams, etc will appear, along with new type video capture cards for computer editing and storing the contents. New HD-DVD drives will appear alongside a different format using 200GB Blu-ray discs. Betamax versus VHS ring a bell here? We'll just have to wait to see which technology is more successful. I can't say if there will be any high definition computer monitors coming to the market, but if there's a demand for them ...!?! Totally different design anyway, I believe. :o)

I've heard of many in this country who have already splashed out on new plasma screens and LCD TVs. What I do hope is that their screens have a HDMI socket built into them and the required HDMI input lead. This High Definition Media Interface socket is a must in order to receive the broadcasts and will result in a blank screen without it! A DVI input can be configured to work, I understand, but the resulting picture will be quite inferior. According to Channel Four's "Gadgets" programme tonight, many of those already sold do not have this essential socket, so those buyers are up the proverbial creek without the you know what, as they say.

Of course, the equipment cost will be high at the outset, notwithstanding the fees Sky will demand to receive HDTV. I for one will be watching to see how things develop before taking the plunge, that is unless the government sell off the current 625 line frequencies earlier than forecast. If that should happen then I'll be spending even more time here in the forum whilst the TV set gathers further dust! TC.

  VoG II 23:44 04 Feb 2005

Does this mean that I won't be able to watch Coronation Street?

  €dstowe 06:29 05 Feb 2005

To justify any purchase of any HDTV equipment there must be programmes to match this quality.

How many will pay out huge amounts to watch the grossly inferior offerings that are being broadcast these days?

  TOPCAT® 14:29 05 Feb 2005

Viewsonic NextVision N3000w set. No mention as yet of the price required for the necessary HD-compatible set-top boxes.

click here to read the technology involved. TC.

  stalion 15:05 05 Feb 2005

I will wait for at least a year as I do with all new technology.DVD players are a good example around £199 when they first came out now you can get one for £30

  CurlyWhirly 16:21 05 Feb 2005

Does this mean that I won't be able to watch Coronation Street?

Bit of a soap fan are we? LOL
Anyway, on topic.
I will probably get a HD-TV when they come down in price, as after launch they are bound to cost the earth as in examples above in this thread!

  Dorsai 21:19 05 Feb 2005

The tv i have is good enough for me. When it dies i wil get a new one. IF at that time HDTV is all that is avaliable, it will be HDTV. Otherwise, i am not the least bit interested in HDTV.

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