are you on facebook

  daytimers82 13:53 07 Aug 2010

how many of you are on facebook, do you like it or detest it, my neighbour doesn't trust it being old and the old way of thinking.

Says she hasn't got time for that nonsense.

  peter99co 14:02 07 Aug 2010

if you can only count your friends on two hands then it could be a waste of time.

  wolfie3000 14:32 07 Aug 2010

I use it alot, as most of my relatives are spread over england and scotland its usefull to keep in touch with them.

At the moment my brother and sister both have babies and its good to see pictures of them and saves having to e-mail them to everyone.

  zzzz999 15:03 07 Aug 2010

yep, its great for that. We have family all over the UK, Ireland and further flung and its great to keep in touch and share photos.

Peter99 don't worry about having no friends, you soon collect them, it appears I have numerous Philippine females wanting to be my friend.

  sunnystaines 15:06 07 Aug 2010


  OTT_B 15:09 07 Aug 2010

I resisted Facebook until about a year ago, at which point I was in the pub with some friends, who spent an hour talking about facebook and related stuff, leaving me sat there wondering what all the fuss was about.

So, I use it now, but have the safest security settings they offer and never use it for more than keeping in touch with friends. Never use any apps or anything else that requires dishing out personal information.

  peter99co 15:13 07 Aug 2010

I did not mean to suggest I had no friends. I have lots but like to keep personal details personal.

  Clapton is God 15:36 07 Aug 2010

"Says she hasn't got time for that nonsense"

I agree with her entirely.

I've got a life. A REAL life.

Not 9,639 imaginary 'friends' like a child.

  MAJ 16:43 07 Aug 2010

"I've got a life. A REAL life."

What makes you think it's 'either/or', either you have a life or you use Facebook......... that's just being silly. Facebook is, like many things on the net, quite a useful tool. What do you mean by "I've got a life. A REAL life" and how do you think it differs from mine for example? I do have and use a Facebook account by the way.

  al's left peg 16:57 07 Aug 2010

I have too many skeletons in the cupboard, that I don't want catching up with me.....that's why I am not on it :-)

  rdave13 16:59 07 Aug 2010

Don't use it. Not really interested (or interesting enough) to use it. I can see the advantages of keeping in touch with relatives though.

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