Are you eligible -Warm Home Discount Scheme?

  spuds 11:30 10 Oct 2013

This might be of interest to anyone eligible including some of the silver surfer's on this forum. So perhaps well worth a mention?.

The government and the fuel energy supplier's are introducing the 'Warm Home Discount Scheme' this year, which will provide a discount of £135.00 on next years fuel bills. This as nothing to do with the 'Cold Weather Payment' or the 'Winter Fuel Payment', but something entirely different for those eligible.

It is based on a 'first come - first served basis', depending on the amount of applications received, and the funding being provided. Some people might be notified by the DWP, as some letters are in the process of being sent out now and through the next month or so. Other people will need to apply.

Further information, which also gives details and links to your own fuel provider (if listed). If not listed, then check with your own provider, because this scheme depends on them. click here

  woodchip 13:39 10 Oct 2013

Got a Letter other day to Say I would be Getting it.

  woodchip 13:40 10 Oct 2013

PS that I do not need to do anything as DWP as contacted Power Supplier

  lotvic 13:52 10 Oct 2013

Same here, had letter to say I'll get it and do not need to do anything. Seem to remember when it first came out a few years ago I had to apply and register then, so anyone who has not had it previously will probably have to apply.

  oresome 14:25 10 Oct 2013

I note that with one of these green energy schemes, the householders cost of improvements is spread over a number of years and is added to the monthly energy bill and the outstanding repayments stay with the house should the householder move.

Something to be aware of when purchasing a house. I wouldn't want to pay for improvements through the asking price and then again through the energy bills!

  spuds 15:16 10 Oct 2013


There are a number of 'Green Deals' that the government offer via a third party. But like all these 'deals', especially if they are attached to a payment plan, then its best to know, before anyone signing up.

The same applies to a number of these solar power schemes, grants are available, but there might be a sting in the tail.

One other thing to watch for with solar panel installations, is the home or property insurance cover, and whether you are covered for all eventualities. Somewhere in Europe (I forget where just now), two firemen were called to an house blaze, and both got electrocuted (because the solar panels were still generating power, and the installed panel's had no automatic cut off devices). This apparently caused a lot of concern with insurance,and whose responsibility, and I believe the UK insurance industry are now looking into this.

  spuds 15:22 10 Oct 2013

woodchip - lotvic

It was stated that some people who are eligible 'might' be in the DWP process, because the letters were commencing in September, and are being sent out now. Other people who think or hope that they eligible, are requested to check, and apply now through their energy provider.

  martd7 16:09 10 Oct 2013

For eligibility you need to be over 75 years old,surely it should have been anyone 65 and over at pensionable age

  bumpkin 16:14 10 Oct 2013

mart7 Have a closer read.

  cream. 16:57 10 Oct 2013

My supplier EON, give warm home discounts to the under 60's.

I was asked if I wanted to apply for this years £135, 6 weeks ago. Got notification that I had the money credited about 3 weeks ago.

  martd7 19:28 10 Oct 2013

Bumpkin i have,my dads 79 he cant have pension credit because he claims attendance allowance

Give it in one hand and take it in another as per usual with this government

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