Are you buying a laptop? asked FE

  Belatucadrus 22:02 01 Feb 2006

click here seems that even if we aren't, most Americans are.

  De Marcus™ 22:07 01 Feb 2006

It's no surprise to me, notebooks have been as capable as desktops for a while now so it's a sensible choice for those who want power with portability.

  Forum Editor 23:25 01 Feb 2006

a desktop PC will be a rarity.

  stalion 23:53 01 Feb 2006

If they can harness Nano technology all pc's as we know them now will be a rarity

  Chegs ®™ 01:53 02 Feb 2006

Maybe across the pond a desktop will be rare,but not here.Its another of the USA fads that wont be followed by myself.

  Charence 02:18 02 Feb 2006

I think FE, you had posted a similar question before? (or was it somebody else)

My decision is unchanged, I would prefer a desktop rather than a laptop. Unless portability was my top priority, I don't see any reason getting a laptop because for the price of a laptop, you'll likely be able to find a better specced desktop for the same price and laptops don't offer much opportunity for parts to be upgraded/replaced and some parts may be unique to the laptop and hard to source.

  watchful 08:06 02 Feb 2006

A nice new desktop with a flat screen, all in black, will do me.

  Forum Editor 08:38 02 Feb 2006

isn't purely a US phenomenon, it's happening here, too. I believe the trend will continue, as laptops fall in price, and wireless internet access spreads. The advantages of using a laptop far outweigh any disadvantages, now that laptops are as powerful, and as versatile as any desktop machine.

Up until now the widespread take-up of laptops by home users has been hampered by cost, and the perception that they aren't as capable as desktops. Prices are falling slowly but steadily, and laptops are certainly capable of anything a desktop can do, so those barriers have all but vanished.

Mark my words, we're entering the era of the portable computer.

  wee eddie 08:59 02 Feb 2006

Mark my words, we're entering the era of the portable computer.

But not the laptop.

My guess is a sort of "Personal Hard Drive", probably "Solid State" with a small screen, that can be plugged in and used anywhere!

  HondaMan 09:04 02 Feb 2006

my trusty desktop.

Whilst they are, in broad terms as capable as many desktops, there are still considerable drawbacks, expandability and reliability being two.

I know that these days, most "add-ons" can be done via USB, Firewire and networking, but the basic fact remains that if anything goes wrong with any MoBo component, it usually has to go to a repairer and you loose your computer. If my desktop goes down for whatever reason, I change the faulty component and lo and behold I am working again.

  anskyber 11:53 02 Feb 2006

As it turns out my one and only computer is a laptop. Neat and small with the advantage when located as a base station of having two screens,I have a 19inch LCD as my primary, very handy. But I am ready to upgrade, my HD is only 30gigs so the test for me is will I get more for my money with a PC, no contest.

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