Are you braced for more rain?

  Graham* 00:48 26 Nov 2012

I've been bracing myself for rain since Friday, when I was advised to brace myself. I've been braced against the fridge for two days now. Will we be told when we can stop bracing?

  sunnystaines 08:14 26 Nov 2012

just as well it is not cold or the rain would be snow and the country would grind to a halt.

  onthelimit1 09:12 26 Nov 2012

Getting a bit concerned as a chap round the corner has started building a big boat!

  Brumas 09:15 26 Nov 2012

I am not saying the rain here in North Northumberland is bad but I can't get out to nail the roof on the Ark I am building ;o}

Seriously, it has rained non-stop since yesterday morning and there are no signs of it abating. The burn at the bottom of our garden is about 12 inches higher, very discoloured and roaring past at a fair rate of knots. Whilst is only 4 or 5 feet wide and normally 12 inches deep I wouldn't attempt to cross it in its present state! The one good thing is that the flood waters will scour the bottom and take away all the natural rubbish which normally impedes the flow.

  Forum Editor 09:46 26 Nov 2012

Let's look on the bright side - not long now to the first hosepipe ban.

  Brumas 09:48 26 Nov 2012

Standing here, doing my impression of a drowned rat, I have to say it has risen by a good 24 inches and not the 12 inches I had previously thought!

  Macscouse 11:30 26 Nov 2012

What rain? What floods? Looking out of the window onto the River Nairn, the sun is shining and the river is very low. Oh! the awful Scottish weather.

  Aitchbee 11:32 26 Nov 2012

I'm preparing for the predicted Big Freeze that is going to start from tomorrow and last for the next two weeks [at least], up here in Scotland.

  TopCat® 13:22 26 Nov 2012

Here in Cornwall the situation is dire in many places. Never known such a constant deluge in all the many years we have lived here.

One very large bee I have in my bonnet concerns the lack of drain clearing done in this county which I believe has added to the flooding on many roads in town and country. The drains are choked up with the leaves that just previously lay several inches deep on many streets, including our own. I know this to be a fact on my road as it is awash in several areas and, when I looked into the 3 foot diameter main storm drain, it was nowhere full to capacity. I've notified the authorities but all I got from them this morning was "we will pass it on in due course, sir." I won't hold my breath on this, as they say, but I will take it further if no action is taken.

We've not seen the road sweeper lorry now for three years or more, whereas before it came regularly, especially when most leaves had dropped with the aid of autumn high winds.

I know the authorities have had to make financial cutbacks but I feel this is one very important service that should be reinstated immediately. It's just possible that some poor souls may have been saved from the misery of a flooded home. TC's got his dander up! :)

  sunnystaines 14:50 26 Nov 2012

brumas remember fast water dangerous above knee height.

  Brumas 15:00 26 Nov 2012

sunnystaines, now you tell me ;o{

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