Are you bovvered?

  spuds 13:57 26 Aug 2007

We talk quite a bit about the youth of today, and their actions. But are the 'older' generation just as bad!.

Talking from personal experience, I find the older I get the less hassle I want, and instead of becoming too involved, I would rather walk away.Is this a general feeling.

  [email protected] 14:11 26 Aug 2007

my behavior worries me, anything that has any possibility of 'bovvering' me i run a mile from, i am single, i don't owe a penny to anyone, i live in a very modest flat and the only liveforms i can stand to be around for any length of time are my fish!
now, some may envy this lifestyle, others would call it a non existance. me? im just not sure, other man's grass etc etc...

  martjc 14:33 26 Aug 2007

...When we (oldies) talk about 'the youth of today', we are usually speaking in a disparaging way about them or complaining about something they have done.

While all younger people do not spend their time going around attacking the weak and infirm, or getting more & more deeply involved in drugs, drink or crime, there is a minority who do. It is the actions of this minority that coined the phrase, 'youth of today'. We should not, for this reason tar 'em all with the same brush.

And what of those bad ones? Well, I think in a lot of cases, they are following in the footsteps of their parents and peers - some will lead, others will follow.

So in answer to your question, Yes! Some of the oldies are as bad as, or maybe even worse than the 'youth of today'. Maybe that's where they get it from.

  Forum Editor 16:12 26 Aug 2007

you become more aware of your own mortality, and less inclined to have complications in your life, particularly if it means being drawn into something stressful that isn't of your making. One of the things I find myself saying increasingly to employees/wife/children/colleagues is 'keep it simple'.

It's not achievable of course, because life can never be simple, but you can eliminate a good deal of stress in your own life by refusing to shoulder that which someone else is trying to dump on you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 26 Aug 2007

My days of trying to change the world are definitely over.

We try and change the world to something we prefer ourselves.

Today's youth do not want the same things we did when we were their age.

The young are the ones with the best ideas, they believe they can do anything and therefore they can.

  Stuartli 17:07 26 Aug 2007

As stated, the vast majority of young people are super.

Re Fruit Bat /\0/\'s comment about today's youth not wanting the same things we did when we were their age, it's something I'm still trying to get across to my other half...:-)

Mind you the offspring are both in their 30s now.

  Si_L 18:58 26 Aug 2007

...I think I qualify as the youth of today, and I think spuds is correct because I don't share his point of view. I'm not one for walking away from anything, if I have something to say then I say it. I think sometimes in life you have to stand up, and not walk away. I don't want to be a pushover in life, but at the same time, I don't take drugs, get hammered every weekend, or steal, so I can probably shoulder the hassle that other people give me because I have nothing else to hold me down.

  Forum Editor 19:36 26 Aug 2007

"...if I have something to say then I say it."

Fair enough, but that's the inexperience of youth talking. I think that what spuds meant was that he avoids hassle by walking away, not because he feels he's in the wrong, or because he's a 'pushover' in life, but because the experience of age has taught him that it's sometimes OK to be right, but to walk away.

You choose when to do this, and when to make a stand, and the ability to make the correct choices is improved by experience. It will happen to you, but not yet - you're still at the 'I'll stand my ground, no matter what' stage - we've all been there.

  spuds 12:09 27 Aug 2007

Agree with the FE's comment. It's a case of perhaps "been there, done it, and got the T-shirt to prove it". The older you get, the least you have need to prove anything to anyone except to yourself.

A old friend of mine as a regular saying for most things, "You'll never beat the system", and in a way 'older' age is a/the system in itself I suppose!.

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