Are you a bad passenger or are you perfect?

  canarieslover 21:44 10 Aug 2018

Having recently had a knee replacement I have been reliant, gratefully, on other people for transport. As a rider and driver for 59 years I have obviously developed faith in my own driving. I have noticed a difference between the sexes of their habits, probably unnoticed, while driving. The 3 ladies that have given me lifts all seem to unconciously touch their hair and fiddle with their clothes, whereas both men exhibit a need to scratch themselves and touch their noses. I find these habits disconcerting but it has made me determined to keep a check on myself when I start driving again. Do I have habits that I do subconsciously or not? I shall tell my wife to watch me and she will certainly tell me if I do things like this. At this moment I would say I don't but I may be wrong!!

  Cymro. 09:41 11 Aug 2018

Very few people especially men will ever admit to being bad drivers. Well I must admit I am far from the best of drivers especially when driving around my own square mile. My wife is on the whole a better driver than I am but this is probably because she is a very nervous driver. She boasts that in over 50 years of driving she still has a clean driving license mind you driving at the speed she does she is more likely to cause an accident then I am.

canarieslover I shall tell my wife to watch me and she will certainly tell me if I do things like this. I often have to drive with both my wife and my daughter in the car. If one doesn't tell me the other is sure to do so

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:54 11 Aug 2018

Too many gadgets in cars nowadays to drive with both hands on the wheel :0)

I find the modern touch screens take more attention than the old radio knobs and buttons or is that just me getting old.

Next time you go out see how many "nose pickers" you can count, most prevalent at traffic lights and road junctions ;0)

  bumpkin 13:44 11 Aug 2018

* see how many "nose pickers" you can count, most prevalent at traffic lights and road junctions ;0)*

I was just about to post the same thing until i saw you got in first:-)

  Pine Man 15:01 11 Aug 2018

see how many "nose pickers" you can count

I would be more concerned about what they are doing with the hand that you can't see!!

  canarieslover 20:44 11 Aug 2018

I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice these things, especially the traffic lights nose picker.

  Archie44 21:37 11 Aug 2018

oh those bogies drivers unclean hands spread of germs what next

  bumpkin 21:40 11 Aug 2018

Men can get in a car and drive off or out of a parking space in a minute or so, women can't do this they have to faff around for evermore and the same when getting out.

  oftmarshall678 22:45 11 Aug 2018

Nose-picking aside, I got to witness some women doing their makeup at traffic lights

  AroundAgain 23:06 11 Aug 2018

Thanks guys

That has just made me chuckle, especially re the 'nose pickers' Horrible habit ;)

Personally, as a female driver, my driving is always perfect, of course ;)

"I'm always right; even when I'm wrong, I'm right!!!" Brilliant mantra and worked wonders when said to my (now departed) Mum - coz she always insisted on having the last word!!! ;)

  BT 09:09 12 Aug 2018

I live at the corner of a small Close and often see a couple of Women who come out of their driveways and drive up to the junction outside my house before they then fiddle to put on their seatbelts with one hand as they exit the corner. Just can't understand why. Do they forget and that's about when the seatbelt alarm starts beeping.

Seriously though, I sometimes get a bit concerned about how some people drive. Some of the things they do would have got the dual controls activated when I was learning to drive, and a tongue bashing from my instructor.

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