Are you addicted to soaps?

  TOPCAT® 14:04 01 Apr 2006

Not me - I haven't watched one for years. I used to regularly watch 'Coronation Street' when Ena Sharples and Albert Tatlock held sway. I was into 'Dynasty' too, up to the point when the big wedding episode came on screen and everybody was machine gunned down. When the next episode appeared just about everyone in the cast who had died were alive and kicking again. That did it for me and I've never watched any soap since.

Interestingly, I've always thought that soaps were screened mainly in the US and Britain. I was surprised to learn very recently that some billions of people around the world are avid soap viewers. In some countries in South America for instance, even baseball games are interrupted, so the crowd can hear the latest episode over the stadium loudspeakers!

Apparently, when soaps first appeared the then advertisers had the housewife in their sights and aimed their household products, soap powders included, at them - hence the name. The whole family is their target now.

So, are you a dedicated soap addict? Now is the time to come 'clean' and own up! TC.

  CurlyWhirly 14:24 01 Apr 2006

The only soap I watch is EastEnders.

I don't bother with any others.

p.s. it's better now that the Mitchell brothers are back :)

  [DELETED] 14:39 01 Apr 2006

When I read that people were raising petitions to 'free the Weatherfield one', I knew that watching soaps would be something that I would never entertain.


  rdave13 14:45 01 Apr 2006

I watched Crossroads when Benny liked "miss Diane". My excuse is that I was still in my school years and didn't have a computer.

  CurlyWhirly 14:54 01 Apr 2006

I also used to watch Crossoroads when Benny was in it and loved it back then also when Shooey McFee (not sure how to spell it) was in it - what a comical character he was.

I also didn't have a computer back then and so that's my excuse as well :)

  Devil Fish 15:30 01 Apr 2006

Nope cant stand them they should be banned i may get some use out of the tv then.

the missus watches Emerdale, Coronation St, Eastenders
then the daughter is in to home and away, Neighbours and Hollyoaks,
Hence our tv being called the soap dispenser.

Me i dive for sanctuary of my pc only surfacing occasionaly to make a coffee.

  [DELETED] 15:46 01 Apr 2006

Virtually same as Devil Fish, no Daughter, but wife watches the lot

  [DELETED] 15:54 01 Apr 2006

I can't stand them either! They offer no improving or educational effect, and very little entertainment value, so they just don't interest me at all. In fact, they are usually actively annoying! I'm not much of a goggle-box fan at the best of times, really. I guess that they serve some purpose if they give something to talk about to people who otherwise wouldn't have anything to talk about (contributors and originators to/of this thread excepted of course!)

  watchful 17:48 01 Apr 2006

not at all.

  [DELETED] 17:52 01 Apr 2006

No, I am not a soap fan either, but each to his/her own.

However, the "no-brainer" of all time must surely be Big Brother. Not even the basis of a plot to sustain it; but people watch it.

  TOPCAT® 18:01 01 Apr 2006

involved that takes hold of all these soap viewers. Not that I begrudge any of them for their viewing habits. The world-wide figures as mentioned above speak for themselves.

Can it be that a soap causes a viewer to romanticise over the love story theme, skilfully written to keep it burning for months, with the female viewer especially hooked? Or is it a way of briefly forgetting the stresses of modern family life and becoming a willing 'fly on the wall' observer of fictional life? Maybe some can even relate to a particular tense situation and find solace - or not - in the ensuing end result.

Whatever the answer, it is clear that soaps play a powerful part in many peoples' lives, but it's when the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred that they equally become dangerous, as I see it. TC.

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