Are We Really That Stupid?

  fourm member 14:33 20 Feb 2013

The 4G spectrum auction produced just over £1bn less than the OBR forecast in December 2012.

Journalists have been asking the Treasury whether this will mean a change in spending plans.


The government spending plans for 2012/3 totalled £683bn. You'd have to be pretty daft to think that a £1bn variation between forecast and actual would cause a re-assessment.

So, are journalists convinced that we are that stupid? Or, is this seen as a chance for more stories about 'no Plan B'?

The actual tax take has undershot the budget by much more than £1bn so why is this even a story?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 20 Feb 2013


and to put it bluntly, not really bothered either.

The average bloke knows his beer fags fuel etc. are costing him more thats what he cares about and there is nothing he can do about it til the next election.

Then he'll stupidly vote for the "other lot" thinking things will get better and when they don't, the cycle will just repeat.

In the meantime there are more important things to think about, like all the celebrity gossip and reality TV programs.

The only thing 4G means to the average bloke is he can stream his crap to his smart phone quicker (the phone is probably a lot smarter than he is anyway).

  wee eddie 15:33 20 Feb 2013

Journalists need a story to fulfil their obligation to their employing Newspaper Publisher.

They will use anything they can to base their story, it matters little that the basis of the story is preposterous, they have earned their bottle of Plonk for the day.

Some purport to higher standards that this but, on a slow news day, they will pick up whatever they can!

  wee eddie 15:36 20 Feb 2013

The real story is:

Why on earth did the telecoms bid so much in the 3G Auction?

  Aitchbee 15:50 20 Feb 2013

FruitBat said:-

The only thing 4G means to the average bloke is he can stream his crap to his smart phone quicker ...

Sounds like a winner ... plop!

  fourm member 15:53 20 Feb 2013

wee eddie

'Why on earth did the telecoms bid so much in the 3G Auction?'

I knew the CEOs of some of the companies who bid for 3G spectrum. They were members of the trade organisation I worked for.

Shall we say they wanted to show that all members were not the same size.

  john bunyan 15:57 20 Feb 2013

The beef "scandal" was also over hyped. I think less than 1% of tests were positive. OK there was fraud and mislabelling, but the amount of over reporting was amazing, in relation to the small health risk. The G4 thing maybe needed a small mention.

  Aitchbee 16:26 20 Feb 2013

If all of the 5 major Communication companies got a slice of the 'SPECTRUM' pie at below 'cost price', then surely the paying customers/subscribers of those Comms companies will see an improvement in their internet experiences, ie. 3G to 4G as standard? or am I living in a dream world?

  fourm member 16:35 20 Feb 2013


You are right in thinking that there may be a faster rollout of 4G because there has been less investment in spectrum.

With 3G, when the rivals stepped out of the cock-fighting ring they were too financially battered to get it implemented quickly.

But there is no such thing as a 'cost price' for spectrum.

  woodchip 18:17 20 Feb 2013

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Well Said, It must be because we are old enough to recognise these things now for what they are, I feel Sorry for the yong on how they are been taken for a ride with so-called Technology. Just to download Crap. Next think will be having there phones grafted onto there hear

  woodchip 18:20 20 Feb 2013

Young not yong I get this a lot with Netbook keyboard not registering letter when I press them

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