Are we Really Obsessed with Celebrities?

  fourm member 15:35 11 Nov 2013

I'm not going to provide a link for reasons that should become obvious.

Someone has launched a service whereby any member of the public can talk to a celebrity of their choice. (At the moment, the choice is limited to 10 'celebs' and I'd only heard of one of them.)

The MINIMUM spend for this service is £30 and the come on is 'part of the proceeds go to charity'.

Would anyone here be willing to pay £30+ just to speak to a celeb?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 11 Nov 2013

Are we Really Obsessed with Celebrities?

I'm not but then I'm getting old and cynical ;0)

I think its an age thing to want / believe in celebrity status.

  Quickbeam 17:11 11 Nov 2013


  caccy 17:26 11 Nov 2013

No. So the £30.00 could be split like this:- 1p and £29.99 Which sum goes to charity? I don't seem to have heard of any celebs. So may be it is an age thing!

  bumpkin 17:28 11 Nov 2013

Must be worth £30 NOT to speak to Janet Street Porter.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:25 11 Nov 2013

At least Janet Street-Porter has something going on up top, unlike some of the empty-headed, talentless no-bodies that now seem to be able to pass themselves off as celebrities.

  john bunyan 20:56 11 Nov 2013

fourm member

The answer is "no". Most so called celebrities are a total waste of space, as far as I am concerned, especially those with no discernible talent.

  Aitchbee 22:36 11 Nov 2013

I never miss Martin and Lucy, the presenters on Beeb's Homes under the Hammer, both of whom are 'topnotch' TV celebrities ... oozing natural charisma, all-over-the-place, I reckon :o)

  Forum Editor 07:20 12 Nov 2013

In the course of my life I have spoken to a few celebrities, and have had two as personal friends.

I don't share john bunyan's sweeping assertion that most celebrities are a waste of space - many of them are extremely talented and interesting people. I certainly wouldn't pay to talk to someone famous, however

  fourm member 08:43 12 Nov 2013

Reading the small print suggests you might get connected to the celebs assistant and start paying from that moment.

Most seem to be £5 per minute but one ex-footballer is asking £20 per minute.

The chap behind this seems to be a successful entrepreneur so, maybe, there are enough people as stupid as you'd need to be to make this pay.

  bremner 16:43 12 Nov 2013

The answer to the question is that a very large section of society are obsessed with celebrities.

Are "we" i.e. those who post to this forum obsessed then most are probably not and those that may be are not likely to admit to it.

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