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Are we ready to dump the 2 metre rule?

  Quickbeam 09:22 12 Jun 2020

With the economy collapsing before our eyes and hospitality, leisure and barbering etc that cannot possibly operate or survive with the 2 metre rule, is it not time to take back control of our own risk assessment?

The supermarkets have the 2 metre rule in place, but this is largely irrelevant as faster shoppers pass slower shoppers on the isles within a 1 metre space. We don’t have reports of massed infections being passed on in supermarkets that have a weekly mixed footfall of 1000s per week.

Is it not time to accept that social distancing basically means ‘not in each other’s faces’, and withdraw as soon as practicable?

By all means introduce a face covering rule in shops, not that I believe for a moment that they offer much protection.

We’ve been here before as recently as ‘68 and survived without recession.

  alanrwood 10:18 12 Jun 2020

It depends on how much risk you are personally prepared to accept. For me the 2 metre distancing will remain my minimum for a long time to come.

  Gordon Freeman 10:45 12 Jun 2020

I think alanrwood has hit the nail on the head; personal risk acceptance.

In stores, post-initial measures, things seem to be slackening quite a bit, & you see this 2m distance failing continually, especially in aisles, owing to too many people being allowed in-store.

So while you personally might continue observing the 2m rule, it's apparent others clearly aren't observing it, meaning actually going to a store is potentially putting you at risk, regardless of the measures you might take personally.

Either this 2m rule needs reinforcing in stores, & the numbers in-store controlled again, or we just might as well not bother.

My wife went to a store yesterday & heard 2 staff members discussing that the washing/spraying of trolleys/baskets was apparently going to end soon.

  Pine Man 10:56 12 Jun 2020

It depends on how much risk you are personally prepared to accept. For me the 2 metre distancing will remain my minimum for a long time to come.

Spot on!

My wife and I are both the wrong side of 70 and will continue to use the two metre rule and wear face masks in shops etc until either a vaccine or a cure is found.

  wee eddie 11:45 12 Jun 2020

In the open air and away from crowds, the 2 metre rule is pretty pointless. Even the slightest breeze disperses the vapour cloud almost immediately and risks are minimal, but not non-existent.

Indoors, if both parties are wearing masks (the mask reduces the Carriers ability to emit not yours to receive), 2 metres is probably excessive but 1 metre makes sense.

Without masks, I would steer well clear.

  martd7 13:45 12 Jun 2020

I would prefer the 2m rule to stay in place but i dont see it happening

Ive been in many supermarkets and the rule is monitored outside in the queue,inside its a free for all until it comes to using the rule again on the marked out floor at the pay point

It seems to me theres no monitoring inside and some shoppers do not observe the rule at all

  HondaMan 18:19 12 Jun 2020


  Quickbeam 19:31 12 Jun 2020

That's a bit abrupt...

  morddwyd 19:35 12 Jun 2020

You might be ready in England, but Nicola is quite adamant that it is not time in Scotland, and she is better informed than I!

  Dunk 07:37 13 Jun 2020


If only I had a choice of who to trust most - Nicola or Boris?

Wonder when/if the Scottish border may be closed?

  morddwyd 09:33 13 Jun 2020

In don't think power to close the border is devolved. It is the UK border Force which operates at Scottish airports.

Having said that, visitors have to comply with the more strict Scottish lockdown measures, just as they do with the lower drink drive limits.

I think, on a local level, Nicola is trusted more than Boris. The latest poll I have seen suggests that 80% of Scots approve Nicola's handling of the pandemic, while only 30% of English support Boris, and that was before the Cummings saga.

Although her politics are an anathema to me, she is one of the more able politicians in the UK, if not Europe, and I look forward to her battles with Barnier (he'll be so successful against Boris they're bound to appoint him again!)!

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