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Are we ready to abandon short jail sentences?

  Quickbeam 07:08 12 Jan 2019

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The argument seems to make some sense when seen that prisoners have doubled since the '90s.

But I would see the real benefit of this in being fuller sentences of less parole for the serious or dangerous offenders that are released to simply make room for the minor offenders.

  morddwyd 09:06 12 Jan 2019

I'm all for it.

Minimum jail sentence of 12 months.

They can still do Community Service, but they do it in orange suits, supervised by prison officer, and back to their cells at night!

  hastelloy 11:06 12 Jan 2019

I've always thought that only those who are a danger to society should be imprisoned. morddwyd is right in that community service should be the alternative. This should be designed to ensure that they have no unsupervised time apart from sleep at their home. This should not be an easy option.

  Cymro. 11:31 12 Jan 2019

So far a reasonable response to a difficult issue. Perhaps the hang them and flog them brigade have not got out of bed yet.

  simonjary 12:42 12 Jan 2019

Interesting interview and profile of Prisons Minister Rory Stewart here.

  Quickbeam 15:21 12 Jan 2019


late afternoon and still no flog and hang 'ems, they must all be at College Green...

  oresome 15:34 12 Jan 2019

I'd like to see some analysis as to whether custodial sentences ever truly reformed the criminally inclined rather than just took them off the streets for a while.

Has there been a decline in the success of reforming characters due to budget cuts etc?

No doubt it's very difficult obtaining employment and leading a crime free life after a spell in prison and the chances of reoffending are very high. Throwing money at the problem is politically difficult when there are plenty of other uses for the money but the present situation clearly isn't working.

Drug users and those with mental health issues swell the prison population and budget cuts in these areas is probably a contributory factor.

  john bunyan 15:39 12 Jan 2019

Hunt was extolling Singapore recently. Maybe he is a flog em enthusiast?

Singapore - don’t get involved with drugs

  morddwyd 18:39 12 Jan 2019

Never mind analysis, rehabilitation and all the other pinko revisionist rubbish.

Just get this scum off our streets and keep them off!

  oresome 08:46 13 Jan 2019

Just get this scum off our streets and keep them off!

It's an expensive business keeping a prisoner. They won't be detained indefinitely no matter how draconian the sentence. If they are released to only commit further crimes, that's a further cost to society.

Should we forgo building new schools and hospitals and looking after the elderly and concentrate on building ever more prisons and staffing them?

  Quickbeam 09:15 13 Jan 2019


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