Are we making it too easy for them?

  mrwoowoo 19:32 24 Feb 2010

I have noticed for quite some time now that empty HGV's, when parked up, have their rear doors open to display a 'nothing worth nicking sign' to the criminal fraternity.
Seems a good way to let criminals know which ones to break into.
Also, i recall a case of a certain council who advised allotement leaseholders to leave their sheds unlocked so that they don't get damaged when broken into.
Perhaps we should leave our front doors open at night as well, with all our valuables and electric goods in the hallway to prevent our property being damaged by some burgler. Also, it would prevent a possible court appearance if we tried to protect ourselves and property if a burglar did break in.
Yes i know it's a silly example. But it sticks in the throat knowing that in certain situations we seem to just surender to these people as if it's normal for them to steal from us.
Shoplifting is also another easy money maker, where you only get an on the spot £80 fine if the value of goods is less than £200.
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I think we are moving toward a 'so what' attitude in this country as far as theft is concerned.

  egapup 19:49 24 Feb 2010

Glad im over 60, i think we've seen the best of what world has to offer, dread to think what it's going to like in another 60 years.

  peter99co 19:58 24 Feb 2010

I think the lorry driver is saving his curtains being slashed to gain access.

Those that are locked should be moving. I know drivers are told to stop when their hours are up but a second driver should be able to continue the journey. It is probably not feasible however because the second driver would need to picked up as he is not allowed to travel in the same cab and then drive the hours allowed. (or am I wrong.)

  peter99co 20:00 24 Feb 2010

I do believe you are right, what a legacy we leave behind.

I hope we are wrong though!

  peter99co 20:33 24 Feb 2010

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Organisation Truckersworld says thefts from lorries have risen by 63% in the past year, with most taking place while drivers are parked up and asleep.

  morddwyd 20:41 24 Feb 2010

On the subject of making it easy, I remember a pickpocket appearing on television a few years ago.

He said he often positioned himself within sight of a "Beware of Pickpockets" sign.

Nearly all men, on seeing the sign, would pat the pocket their wallet was in.

Think about it, do you ever do it, even unconsciously? I know I did.

  mrwoowoo 23:16 24 Feb 2010

"but I don't see the extension you make from it."
The extension that i make of it seems to be extending quite merrily without my help.
It seems human nature, not only to adapt to our enviroment, but to accept the gradual changes that are taking place wether they be right or wrong. Also it's human nature to take advantage of the change in society, again, if right or wrong. If we think it's worth our while or worth the risk, then we as a race will exploit it.
Many years ago, when i was at school, there was hardly any answering back of the teachers as you knew you would be in big trouble. Gradually, as the odd 'jack the lad' started pushing the boundaries further, and got away with it, it became more and more the norm. With the PC brigade making sure that a naughty child can't even be clipped around the ear or even grabbed by the arm there's nothing to control them with.
Most social attitues seem to be going the same way.
Once, it was unheard of to see any form of nudity on TV or in the cinema But now nothing is left to the imagination, with even quite depraved acts starting to be accepted. Violent acts on screen have become more and more perverce and more acceptable.
It's the same with violent crime. Crimes that were totally shocking years ago just don't bring about the same responce as they once did. Hence the softer sentences, and less deterent for commiting these crimes.
If you sat someone in a room, and showed them the most gross images imaginable, over and over again, they would eventuall become desensatised toward them. It's the same way that we are becoming more and more desensatised towards all forms of improper behaviour.
It's a natural extension of our acceptence of behaviour that's extending all the time.
Soon, bad will become the new good. It always has, and always will do.

  Kevscar1 10:06 25 Feb 2010

but life is a lot more cushy in prison nowadays so that does equte to softer sentences.
I did once consider committing a crime to be put inside. 3 hot meals a day. colour telly computers. It was a lot more than I had.

  peter99co 10:47 25 Feb 2010

The tide will turn sooner than we think. One day we will come to our senses.

  Chegs ®™ 15:48 25 Feb 2010

As an HGV driver (on minimum wage)I couldn't afford to use "secure" overnight parking (£14 last time I enquired)and was given a "telling off" by my Boss for using an ordinary lay-by that resulted in the curtains being slashed.The company folded a couple years ago.I'm now employed as a relief HGV driver,do no more than 3 runs a week & can collect/transport/deliver the loads in one day so no need of overnight stays in the cab.

  egapup 16:07 25 Feb 2010

"The tide will turn sooner than we think. One day we will come to our senses."

You mean all the do-gooders will come to their senses??

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