Are we likely of seeing more of this?

  spuds 12:47 06 Dec 2015

The recent tube station attack in Leytonstone click here

  QuizMan 13:05 06 Dec 2015

"Are we likely of seeing more of this?". Maybe. It seems a bit random and almost impossible to monitor and predict. It appears to have been handled well by the police and public alike.

  john bunyan 13:09 06 Dec 2015

Yes; with or without bombing (Drummer Rigby was only the start). The USA incident and stabbings in Israel, never mind Paris, show that a tiny percentage of fanatics can cause enormous trouble. We have 3m Muslims in UK so only 0.1% represents 3000 people. I still cannot understand why we allow Daesh returning people , of British origin , back into the UK. There are said to be 450 or so who went to join ISIS / Daesh who are on our streets. There should be an emergency Bill to deprive those who leave and join ISIS of their EU citizenship, with no appeal to the "Human Rights" court.

  x123 15:38 06 Dec 2015

Are we likely of seeing more of this?

Yes, I would think so. I agree with john bunyan that those who went to join the terrorists should be barred from coming back.

Thank goodness our gun ownership is more difficult here than in the USA, otherwise it could have been 50 innocents slaughtered.

  spuds 15:48 06 Dec 2015

john bunyan

I believe at present,there is no mention whether this person had any links to any organisation, or whether it was just a random attack, perhaps very similar to the Rigby incident.

Regarding the government not allowing those fighting overseas, back into the UK. then here's a few possible links, that might provide some answers click here

  john bunyan 15:58 06 Dec 2015


The fact that he shouted "This is for Syria" suggests he is an extremist at least.

The links on barring returning jihadists are a year old , and no action has been taken I believe There should be emergency legislation to act now. I could not find a reference to say such regulations are in force, only that some 450 are roaming around.

  spuds 16:09 06 Dec 2015

john bunyan

"The links on barring returning jihadists are a year old , and no action has been taken I believe There should be emergency legislation to act now."

I agree, but no doubt the government have looked into the legal side, which as thrown some doubts in any proposals or immediate actions.

If the person committing this recent crime, is one of those follower's returning, then I would suspect public opinion over the next few days, will make the government have a rethink. And perhaps more so, if any similar incidents happen within the next few weeks or months.

  x123 16:18 06 Dec 2015


could it be that some of those returning jihadists are trained in provoking disillusioned young Muslims into acts of violence?

  Forum Editor 16:19 06 Dec 2015

There appears to have been an outbreak of common sense over this incident. More of the same is what we want. I was at Alexandra Palace today, visiting what must be one the largest antique fairs in the country. Hundreds of people were milling around, many of them carrying bags in which to put their purchases. There was absolutely no evidence of any security staff, and certainly no bag checks at the entrance.

We have to get our act together in a big way.

  john bunyan 17:24 06 Dec 2015

Forum Editor

There appears to have been an outbreak of common sense over this incident

Absolutely correct. If we followed the NRA view of arming schoolteachers in response to school shootings, some loon would suggest we all carry an even bigger knife or a stab proof vest. The risk is so tiny that we should all go about our daily business as usual.

I was born about 1000 m from Ally Pally; my father had a TV in 1937 that he built. I remember the full sized Aerial, and went to the roller skating rink that was there in about 1945 - 5 as a 9 - 10 year old who lived on skates in the streets of N London in WW2.

  john bunyan 17:26 06 Dec 2015

PS Of course we must tighten security, as we did in IRA times - what I meant was we must not let the small risk of being a target curtail our activities.

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