Are we heading for another recession?.

  spuds 16:42 02 Aug 2014

The government are telling the public that the state of the country is getting better, with less unemployment etc etc.

Yet it would seem that the major four supermarkets are cutting back on staff, reducing their future expansion programmes, and in general are giving the impression that all is not right, and perhaps more so for their shareholders.

Do you think the government is correct, or are the signs from the big four plus other retailer's, are telling a different story.

  spuds 17:32 02 Aug 2014

That's possibly true. According to reports Aldi and Lidl are increasing profits, employing more and getting bigger property portfolios, while the other major four are in decline.

  spuds 17:40 02 Aug 2014

MechKB 2

After seeing that programme, then thinking about how others were dealing with essentials, prompted me into asking the question on the forum, and see what reactions or other comments were forthcoming!.

In my location, Tesco have taken a bit of a downfall and loss of public opinion, especially on how they have attempted to force their 'Extra' stores in some areas, when local people have raised objections.

  Aitchbee 18:54 02 Aug 2014

Looking-at-the-big-picture, the knock-on-effects of our unpredictable and at times extreme WEATHER patterns, will play a big part any in any future improvements to an already painfully slow and fragile economic 'recovery' that this coalition government has overseen. Farmers being hit, for example, year after year with poor crop yields/harvests and also the rising costs of domestic heating, should it turn out to be another bitterly cold winter.

  bumpkin 19:01 02 Aug 2014

More for less tends to reflect in quality. Have to eat it but I don't like supermarket food. Meat from the butcher, bread from the baker and veg from the farm probably twice the price but decent food that one can enjoy eating instead of throwing half of it away. Don't see many Fresh Fish shops anymore either just vans going around selling selling the sort of stuff you can buy in Iceland for a quarter of the price and just as foul.

  spuds 00:19 03 Aug 2014

It isn't only the likes of Aldi and Lidl who seem to be benefiting from this, because Primark seem to be expanding as well, when other high shop clothing store names are in decline and are actually closing some of their stores down?.

Not far from where I live was a Dixons store, plus a Currys and PC World store.Three Dixon Group stores in all. Dixons closed some time ago, and moved into Currys. PC World reduced its product base and only this past week, we have learned that PCW are now closing and merging with the Currys store.

  Quickbeam 06:57 03 Aug 2014

We're still in the same one round our way despite all the bigging up talk from government.

  spuds 11:34 03 Aug 2014

Jock1e - I did mention in my earlier post that the three companies were part of the same group (Dixons). In my hometown, Primark took over the old C&A store, that had remained empty for quite a long time. Everytime I go in there, there are usually queues at the numerous checkouts, which is a sure indicator of a brisk trade. BHS have just announced the closure of one of their local stores, and apparently Primark have shown interest of taking over the lease. the location of that particular store is on a large out-of-town shopping centre, where a number of well known names are trading at present.

Now if I was to visit the nearby town centre M&S store, the place is usually empty especially in mid-week. Regarding your comment at the 50p shop, then look no further than Poundland or Pound World, because on occasions they have reduced price items of two for a pound, or even provide vouchers for money off your next shop.

Woolwell - Online may have caused a dip in sales with some companies, and I believe Argos have issued a notice about their latest catalogue that came out the other day. Apparently there are now less items in the catalogue and more on-line to choose from, and perhaps not forgetting the Argos Outlet store on Ebay. Homebase on the other hand, seems to be struggling, even though its in the same group as Argos. One trend I usually take, is to compare Argos prices against those of Homebase for the same item, if stocked by both places. Their regular voucher offers do come in handy though at times, as does their interest free credit arrangements.

In my hometown, many of the shops that have closed, have stated that the business rates plus the increase of landlord rents have put paid to their business's. At one stage the government were trying to entice local council's in using vacant properties under the banner of 'pop-up shops'. My local council talked about this, but that is far as it went, with vacant shops still remaining empty and getting into further neglect. i actually wrote an article in my local newspaper about this, because of a number of people interested in a first rung stepping stone to business. The council responded by saying that that "would look into this, as they were all for private enterprise". We never heard anything more!.

Regarding your remark about seeing a monitor on display, I have to agree that it is getting far more difficult. Even the stores that have any on display, don't appear to want to power them up. A typical example of this is the fact we had three Staples stores in my location, there is now one, and their display products seem far less, and are never powered up nowadays, when in the past they were.

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