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Are we headed for Red October?

  john bunyan 11:36 17 Jun 2017

October will mark the centenary of the Russian 1917 revolution. I have the impression that Monentum and the extreme Left are in a similar mood , with talk of putting a million on the streets, to force the fall of the government. Already you can see the placards "Tories Out" on every protest march , even about the fire. Maybe I am over concerned, but I think we are in for a difficult summer.

  rickf 09:23 29 Jun 2017

read,"has been..."

  x123 13:51 29 Jun 2017

Yes they will scrape through on the Queens speech and possibly some minor acts but when it comes to something the DUP aren't to keen on, it will be either bung a few more quid to the DUP or call an election.

They have very little chance getting any of their reforms through and if parliament do have to vote on the Brexit deal then May and co might be scuppered.

  x123 18:00 29 Jun 2017

Well that was well worth the £100 million per vote.

  Forum Editor 18:45 29 Jun 2017

"if parliament do have to vote on the Brexit deal then May and co might be scuppered."

The DUP will vote with the government on Brexit legislation, that is part of the deal that has been struck.

  x123 18:54 29 Jun 2017


Will all the consetvative MP's vote that way?

Time will tell.

  john bunyan 19:05 29 Jun 2017

In my view the Tories and Labour should attempt to have cross Party agreement on Brexit as both say that access to the single market and customs union is not possible if we want control of immigration.

  Quickbeam 20:37 29 Jun 2017

That's what William Hague was saying as Brexit is so toxic that whoever delivers it will likely be out of power for a decade.

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