Are they going to hack everyone

  [DELETED] 07:35 18 Jun 2011

First it was Sony then Codemasters Next Came Bethseda and today Sega tell me they have been hacked as well.

  johndrew 11:18 18 Jun 2011

There is money in crime - certainly cyber crime - where accounts may contain bank and other details so this is likely to increase. It should encourage both those holding our data and all of us to ensure better security. We can all start by using a different name and password for each site we use - difficult to do much where the use of an e-mail address is insisted upon as the user.

Problem is that computers are pretty good at cracking security.

  Condom 18:52 18 Jun 2011

It is the ones that we don't hear about that worry me more. Is what is happenning down to these companies having "not fit for purpose" and I swore never to use that overused phrase, security or are hackers so good that nothing can stop them if they really want to break into something?

  amonra 19:48 18 Jun 2011

No amount of security is 100% foolproof, there's ALWAYS a way in. The so called "amateur" hackers are good, but just imagine what a goverment sponsored team could achieve !!!!

  [DELETED] 13:09 19 Jun 2011

From my latest bank statement, appears my account has been 'hacked'. A number of payments I know nothing about have been made to a well-known on-line retailer. Phoned bank to stop the account, and going in tomorrow, see about refund. Not a good start to the week!

  Forum Editor 13:44 19 Jun 2011

the hick

Rather than your bank account being hacked - which is an unlikely event - it sounds as though someone has got hold of your debit card details. That's the only way that on-line purchases are going to appear on a bank statement.

  [DELETED] 18:26 19 Jun 2011

Forum Editor, yes I am now thinking that. Difficult to know who though. do you reckon the retailer concerned would divulge details to me of their customer's identity? - somehow, I think they may not.

  Forum Editor 19:22 19 Jun 2011

the hick

The retailer must not divulge anything to you, so forget about that. In any case, it would be meaningless. The main thing is that you have cancelled the card and notified your bank.

  pavvi 01:22 20 Jun 2011

The scary thing I found when working at Carphone warehouse was that I had someone I knew who was fraudulent provide a credit card for ID that knew wasn't his and didn't match the name he gave me. I phoned the bank and in spite of me telling them this they told me to give the card back to the guy who assaulted me in the process. He had stolen cards and bank statements from a communal mail box in a block of flats. I called the poiice who basically did nothing about it and din't even take any notice. I recalled the bank who then changed their line and I sent the card to them. This is a very common way of your bank details getting in to the wrong hands. If you (3rd person you, not YOU OP!) live in flats with a communal mail area, its much safer to pick up the card from your bank if possible. After all if they get your card from your mail box they have your address as well as all your details.

  pavvi 01:24 20 Jun 2011

The police to this day have never taken a statement from me. Even though I passed the Chief Constable of South Wales police in the street in Cardiff and raised it with him.

  [DELETED] 09:18 24 Jun 2011

Now Bioware's been hit, looks like they are going to hit everyone

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