Are there any trades-persons about?

  spuds 10:29 26 Mar 2013

There as been a lot said over the years about unemployment, getting and training trades-persons, getting three quotes and having a good job done. There seems to be an increase about obtaining the services of trades-persons, since the employment gates to the UK from the EU, which was suppose to have filled some gaps. Which as possibly led to further questions about the 'black economy' and unemployment for those perhaps 'wanting' or seeking work in a trade.

So perhaps a discussion for consideration. Have you tried to get work done, but found it was nearly impossible to get someone interested, or read about some government scheme to get people back into work, yet these schemes are not producing or have failed. What do you think is a solution to this ever increasing problem or concern?.

  Pine Man 11:09 26 Mar 2013

I need my porch roof repaired. It is about 3 square metres and will probably be done in insulated fibre glass.

A google search suggested a price of around £900/1000 so I asked Everest to visit and quote. After 2 hours of bull** from the rep he said £4796!

I checked out and emailed all of the people who can do fibreglass roofing on Checkatrade within a 5 mile radius and there were at least a two dozen or so. That was 6 weeks ago. I have only had two replies. One was from a roofer last week apologising for not replying sooner but his leg had been in plaster!? The only other reply I got with a visit confirmed £900 and he has got the job.

So much for getting three quotes.

  Woolwell 12:27 26 Mar 2013

Many trading standards offices run an approved tradesmen scheme. It is worthwhile getting hold of a copy or seeing if it is available online.

You cannot expect to get a good tradesman immediately as he or she should have a full order book. If they are immediately available perhaps you should ask why.

For the porch I would have gone straight to a local roofer and ignored the big double glazing companies.

  Pine Man 12:39 26 Mar 2013


You cannot expect to get a good tradesman immediately

No, but an acknowledgement would have been nice. Even the one with his leg in plaster seemed to have lost the use of his hands and couldn't reply until his cast was removed!

The main reason for getting Everest to quote was to get the specifications for their product, which I could then use as a basis for my requirements from the independents.

  Woolwell 12:47 26 Mar 2013

Pine Man - Sorry I didn't mean to refer to your man not turning up. I agree entirely that they should acknowledge quickly. I have had tradesmen forget to turn up and claim their van had broken down. In both cases they had my mobile number and could have contacted me. Neither got the job. If they cannot be bothered to get the basic courtesies right then what is their work going to be like.

  Picklefactory 12:59 26 Mar 2013

I've had my bathroom and kitchen ripped out and replaced in the last year or two (Not concurrently) and I used two of the online ratings sites to find tradesmen. I needed plastering and electrical work doing on each project. I had replies within the day on both occasions and now have a couple of each, electricians and plasterers, that I would use again without hesitation (And have). Clearly the ratings sites are by no means guaranteed to be good, and ratings could easily just be from friends/family etc, but I worked on the basis that at least there was an improved chance of having some idea as to the quality of the work and, so far, I haven't been disappointing. I used a different electrician on each job, purely down to an improved quote from one, and the 2nd plasterer was particularly good and I have used him twice more since he did my kitchen and he's due back again next month. Possibly I've been lucky, but I have been very happy indeed with the guys I found on those sites.

  Cymro. 15:42 26 Mar 2013

It is the small jobs that the wife and I have difficulty in finding anyone interested in doing. The sort of jobs that dont always even need a skilled tradesman. The kind of thing that a half decent DIY enthusiast could easily do in an hour or so. There seem to be plenty who will do you a new conservatory, tarmack your drive, fix that tile on your roof that they say is about to fall down and kill someone. There are even plenty of building firms who will build you a new house. But try to get someone round to do a small job, be it fix a dripping tap, paint the garage door, change a light bulb, and no one wants to know. Even if they do then they only promise to turn up but never do, not on time anyway. We had our son in law round this morning to put up a curtain rail. He was only at it for half an hour or so. Wife gave him a cup of tea and a slice of cake and it was job done. There are very good reasons why I dont do such jobs myself. Thank goodness for good neighbours and a DIY enthusiast son in law.

  Ex plorer 16:07 26 Mar 2013

Living in the country I know most local Tradesmen in surrounding villages who do a very good job and are trusted. Its not a problem in getting a good one you just need to know who as the least work on and take advantage of a keener estimate.

  Kevscar1 16:09 26 Mar 2013

8 contactd for work on our house 2 never turned up, 4 did but never came back with quotes. One said he would started on the Thursday didn't turn up, when I e-mailed apologised said an old age pensioner had phoned up witha badly leaing bath and no one could get to her until next week somhe had gone, apologised and said would be round 10 next tuesday, phoned at 11 and he said he was on his way. Last one started but left with the job half done. 3 of those were on the local councils approved trader list.

  spuds 17:19 26 Mar 2013

From my own experiences, I find that its becoming harder to locate any trades-persons or above average Diyer to take on or do the most simplest of jobs. Like others, it would seem to be a case that some turn up, others promise and never do, with the remainder perhaps not giving you much confidence as to their competence or pricing.

In my location, we had a couple of building and home maintenance gangs who started up in business, having come to the UK from Poland. They have since packed up and gone back home, so perhaps their dreams never came to anything?.

Another point is the government saying things about making moves in getting the unemployed back to work. Or even providing training for those leaving school. Yet again in my location, we have recently seen another one of those 'apprenticeship' schemes fail virtually overnight, due to funding problems. This left 280 young people in various stages of their training, without future work or final qualifications.

  caccy 17:37 26 Mar 2013

Try a local house letting agent. They always have a list of tradesmen that they can call on at short notice. We used our letting agents tradesmen for three different jobs and got quotes.No problems with their work either. However budget for a day's labour at around £200/250 anything much less than this is going to be suspect..

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