Are there any safe download sites?

  FedupwithWindows 16:10 26 Jan 2017

Does anyone know if there exists a site where you can access free downloads that have no crapware added? It seems that all the old favourites like CNet, Softpedia, Tucows,, Brothersoft, etc. have gone to the Dark Side and use downloaders that add adware, malware, unwanted toolbars, etc. without giving you a way to remove them first.

I wanted to ask you knowledgeable people if there is a way to download, for instance to a USB stick to contain the menace, and then somehow pick out the garbage and then install what remains to your hard drive. I know the answer is to download only from the creator's own site but this is not always available.

  Burn-it 16:23 26 Jan 2017

That won't help if the crapware is part of the installer, which it tends to be. Just have a decent Antivirus and Antimalware scanner and use them on a regular basis. And if their use stops you from downloading something, perhaps there IS a reason.

  lotvic 18:23 26 Jan 2017

Filehippo seems to be a cleanish download. You just have stay alert. I never download if the site wants me to install and use their downloader installer.

Most useful is Unchecky click here that unticks the 'extras' bundled in the installer for you.

  morddwyd 19:32 26 Jan 2017

I always use Filehippo, and of course PCA has its own Download Zone

  bumpkin 20:36 26 Jan 2017

I use the same as lotvic, very handy as they rely on you missing things even if you chose the custom install.

  Matt. 21:05 26 Jan 2017
  lotvic 21:06 26 Jan 2017

To avoid the 'extras' it is essential to always use the custom install and be vigilant.

  Jollyjohn 10:40 27 Jan 2017

I use Ninite click here and so far so good, no extra junk installed.

  iscanut 12:13 27 Jan 2017

I have used Filehippo for years without any problems.

  FedupwithWindows 12:36 27 Jan 2017

The software I want is not available from Filehippo and it is not on the list at Ninite. That is why I was asking about how to download to somewhere safe and then see what comes with the desired content. I remember something about a "virtual" something or "sandbox" where you can download to before you commit some unknown item to your C drive.

  Jollyjohn 12:58 27 Jan 2017

Is this any help? click here

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