Are tablet computers just a fad.

  robgf 00:46 11 Nov 2012

I will admit that I don't own a tablet, or use a smart phone. But my girlfriends family love their iPhones and similar and at Saturdays family lunch were discussing tablets. Most of them have bought iPads, or Android tablets, seduced by the adverts (I must admit to fancying one myself). But they all admit without exception that they rarely use them after the first week.

From listening, it seemed to me, that for anything they wanted to do on the move, or quickly, they use their phones. And for serious use, they use a laptop, or PC.

So are Tablets just a fad? I quite like my girlfriends iPad, but it would be much better with a proper keyboard (and if I'm honest a mouse too, I'm not keen on all that finger wiping)

  lotvic 01:33 11 Nov 2012

I got a Galaxy tab and had to stop myself from buying all the extras that would have effectively turned it into a netbook..... (a very expensive netbook) I'm beginning to think for me it's just a fad at moment.

  WhiteTruckMan 08:20 11 Nov 2012

I think fad is too strong a word, but I also think there are serious issues in such monolithic devices that cannot easily be repaired. A keyboard and mouse are consumable items, for instance.

Also the mirror side of the convenience of having all your devices easily to hand in one package is the vulnerability of all of them to a single incident, be it accidental or malicious. And the risks increase when even more uses are packed into them. Suppose in the future they get used as driving licenses, passports, credit cards (oh, wait...), national insurance documents, central heating controllers, personal heart pacemakers cum defibrillator, car and house keys, the list goes on and on. All perhaps feasable in the next 30 years though, in my opinion. And all it takes is leaving it on the bus...


  canarieslover 08:57 11 Nov 2012

I was looking at the possibility of dropping hints for a Nexus 7 as a festive present that the family could buy me. I then thought about how little I have used my netbook, which was bought with the idea that it would travel with me, so I have abandoned the idea. Just have to be socks and sweaters again this year.

  canarieslover 09:05 11 Nov 2012

This may be in German but it does show a further use for your tablet if indeed it is just a fad.

What an app

  Noldi 09:15 11 Nov 2012

I travel a lot with my job so purchased an iPad to use while away, my hand carry bag was a lot lighter for it, use it to check my e-mails while on the move and the big plus is amusement while traveling and battery life. When I first had it I tended to arrive home and pick up my lap top but now my lap top is put away and I think the last time I used it was while working on a large excel sheet back in the spring. Still use a desktop back at base but iPad goes everywhere so not a fad from me 1 year on.


  rickf 10:47 11 Nov 2012

It'll never replace the laptop. I think the OS is too limited if you want to do serious work on the move. I find myself thinking about selling my tablet. It's very good for just surfing the net, emailing, watching movies etc., but can't have the functionality of a laptop. BTW, mine has a keyboard and it's still not good enough compare to a laptop. Perhaps they are really two different devices!!

  woodchip 12:22 11 Nov 2012

A Fad, just for them to keep money flowing in to the coffers. I have a Samsung Netbook NC10 Will make do with that as it as a Very long Battery Life in use.

PS I now have a Samsung S7 that was over £500 cost to me £60 Sim Free not many moons ago, bought from Cash Converters Will wait for next Upgrade when you take your new Smart phone into Cash Converters

  woodchip 12:26 11 Nov 2012

Why is my Name missing on the last Post to this thread

  Woolwell 14:52 11 Nov 2012

I have a desktop, laptop, iPad and smartphone. The 2 that are most used are the desktop and iPad. I find the screen on the smartphone too small for good browsing and don't particularly like the mobile versions. I now get my daily newspaper on the iPad (plus PCA magazine) and it was a hotel that first introduced me to a tablet by asking if I would like to read a UK paper whilst overseas and letting me use an iPad. For me a tablet is not a fad. It fires up almost instantly, allows me to check emails and I use it on the move, using dropbox, etc. However it isn't a replacement for a laptop. I take the laptop if I want to work on/edit several office documents but its battery life is poor compared to the tablet. What I now struggle to find a role for is a netbook. It isn't a laptop nor a tablet and falls between the two stools.

BTW if young children are around then you may lose use of the tablet as they commandeer it.

  sunnypete 15:27 11 Nov 2012

Grandaughter brought her Ipad around yesterday, o.k. for browsing, games etc, but how would I have connected a printer or other ancillaries, no usb or any other type of connection as far as I could see...

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