Are smart phones eroding sales of laptops?

  john bunyan 12:42 09 Nov 2018

For photos, music etc , and for printing letters and pictures I mostly use a desktop. I have a small laptop for travel, but for surfing etc I often use my iPhone. Some younger relatives use an iPad with no laptop and rarely print anything.

I wonder if a survey has been done on this?

  wee eddie 12:50 09 Nov 2018

I would doubt that Smart Phones are eroding the sales of laptops but I have little doubt that the relentless improvement of Tablets, is.

  Menzie 15:50 09 Nov 2018

Smartphones and tablets have eroded sales of laptops, desktops, MP3 players and digital cameras over the years.

I remember being at a restaurant with some friends and someone handed the young waitress a digital camera to snap a photo. She had no idea how to operate it, pressing a shutter button and not the screen seemed alien to her.

When I went to college we had two portions, the lab and the lecture hall. The lab were rows of desktops where we did practical networking and system configuration. The lecture hall was where we sat in a room with notebooks while the professor spoke. The posh kids had laptops and some brought in dictaphones.

My niece went to college recently and now everyone has a laptop for the lectures. Lesson plans, schedules and notes on the lectures are all provided via the institution's website so a laptop seems a must for the modern student.

Users like me once upon a time carried an MP3 player and digital camera. Now the camera on my current flagship device is fine, and the audio quality is decent. A far cry from phones of yesteryear.

  Quickbeam 16:32 09 Nov 2018

I just bought a new laptop last month.

For me, I want a proper keyboard. I hate doing more than a quick message on an onscreen keyboard, and I want a USB plugin mouse controller, I hate touch pads too!

  rdave13 16:34 09 Nov 2018

This is just my thoughts. PC Desktops a must for gamers. Small form desktops, laptops and 'surface type' tablets and phones for businesses. Students go for laptops and phones. Rest of the youngsters go for an iPhone.

  Aitchbee 18:46 09 Nov 2018

I like to stay about ten years behind the latest cutting-edge craze ... retro is the way forward!

  Quickbeam 00:08 10 Nov 2018

Get a new slate HB!

  rdave13 00:16 10 Nov 2018

HB is right Quickbeam , a decade ago will still work on a decade ago phone.

  beeuuem~2 21:23 11 Nov 2018

Slightly off topic but I need a rant!

Why are things 'improved' to the point where they don't do what you want or need? I had an Ericsson T68 mobile that connected to a bluetooth headset. Once the voice commands had been set up, one tap of the headset, say the name and the call was made.

Unfortunately the T68 has died and been replaced with a phone using Android. Getting a voice dial 'app' that does as it is told and stays connected is driving me to distraction if not drink!

  Quickbeam 06:59 12 Nov 2018

My favourite phone was the Nokia A700 on account of it's very slim pocketability profile. Unfortunately the OS went obsolete some time ago.

After several Androids that had the pocketability of a paving slab, I've settled with an iphone SE which is the nearest to the old Nokia in smallness.

  canarieslover 15:45 13 Nov 2018

It must be an age thing as I just can't work my fingers and thumbs well enough to do the things on a phone that I want to do. A 10" tablet is usable for me but I much prefer to do most things on the desktop with a 24" screen, keyboard and mouse. To get a phone with a big enough screen for me to be able to use it means that I will either have to carry it in my hand all the time, as many seem to do, or get a manbag, my pockets just aren't big enough.

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