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Are next week’s quarantine rules...

  Quickbeam 06:14 04 Jun 2020

Not only a case of bolting the stable door well after the horse has bolted, but also after it’s been sold on 10 times and only now being questioned over its part in the spread...?

This needed to have been done 3 months ago, I really don’t see any belated benefit in doing it now.

  Quickbeam 06:42 04 Jun 2020

The UK visitor rules I should have mentioned.

Had this been implemented on week one, it would have been universally accepted as the right move.

  john bunyan 08:12 04 Jun 2020

18 million cane in during the height of the pandemic without checking . Now we, with at least 40,000 deaths are saying that , for example , Greeks with 125 should have to be quarantined . If there is a 20 minutes test surely people could have one before embarking?

  rickf 16:12 04 Jun 2020

Totally incompetent administration led by a ditherer.

  Forum Editor 19:47 04 Jun 2020

"Totally incompetent administration led by a ditherer."

Easy to criticise with the benefit of hindsight, isn't it? You of course, would have done it so much better.

The first time we have been faced with anything like this in over 100 years, and it was never going to be easy getting it all right. I heard one medical expert say that coping with the mayhem caused by COVID-19 infections has been like trying to build an aircraft while it was in the air, and I imagine that is a pretty accurate analogy. If a medical expert feels that way, imagine how it must have felt to be in government, dealing with something this serious while the ground continually moves under your feet. As a politician, you know little about the medical science involved, and as things unfold you realise that your medical advisers are faced with something that is way beyond their experience. Nevertheless, you have to make crucial decisions based on what they tell you. The stress must be enormous.

In the coming months there will be all kinds of people who, like you, come out of the woodwork with comments like yours. Such remarks are meaningless, they achieve absolutely nothing and add nothing to the sum of knowledge. I respect your right to hold a point of view, it's just a shame that it couldn't have been an informed one.

  wee eddie 20:28 04 Jun 2020

FE: You forgot to mention,

you put a dozen Doctors and Scientists in a room, the likelihood of getting agreement is unlikely

  john bunyan 20:33 04 Jun 2020


Surely it seems totally inexplicable that from March about 18 million arrived during the high level of the pandemic from other countries with little or no check. Now that WE are the country with the worst per million death rate , albeit with daily deaths slowly declining, it seems illogical to make people from countries like Greece (125 TOTAL deaths) or New Zealand, have a compulsory quarantine? We were very slow at the beginning to impose the lockdown compared with others and the test programme has so far been chaotic. We did not learn from S Korea etc ; of course it is hindsight but the fact is that we have the worst situation in Europe so must learn lessons

  HondaMan 21:14 04 Jun 2020

We are an island people therefore, close the ports and the tunnel and stop everyone coming in until this pandemic is defeated. I have said similar before.

  Forum Editor 22:53 04 Jun 2020

"but the fact is that we have the worst situation in Europe so must learn lessons"

Obviously we must learn lessons, as must all countries. Perhaps one of the first lessons would be to have an internationally agreed protocol when it comes to recording information.

"Variations in counting of Covid-19 deaths, different testing strategies and lockdown policies make international comparisons a minefield. “A comparison between [EU] member states is difficult and should be done with extreme caution,” said a spokesperson at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the EU agency to tackle infectious diseases."

  Condom 23:25 04 Jun 2020

I think it was pretty clear some time ago that this was going to be very serious but the UK dithered. Our borders should have been closed months ago and people like me returning from the Far East should have at least been stopped and checked rather than being allowed to freely enter London and its transport systems. It is the same with masks. They should have been a must for anyone travelling on public transport many weeks ago. I know there are arguments both for and against the wearing of masks but in situations like this you must at least try to play safe. Our Virus AP has been a farce so far and the tracing set up seems to be heading the same way. I know several who have so far been doing nothing but sitting waiting mainly because not enough new people are being tested. Government seems to be all over the place partly because they have so many different people doing the daily "pep" talks rather than having a single voice and they often seem confused themselves. And then we have the Cummings saga which has not helped at all in keeping people together. We should be doing much better than we are.

  john bunyan 16:24 04 Jul 2020

New aircraft for Rush to Costas?

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