Are Labour as doomed as was suggested

  Ungus 08:30 27 May 2017

Could it be that the nasty party isnt as secure in England and Wales as reported. Could this be a Corbyn bounce??

  john bunyan 11:32 31 May 2017


Although Labour official policy supports Trident, I have no doubt that Corbyn, McDonell et al would soon manipulate a change once in power. Also Corbyn has indicated a more conciliatory tone on Indy. I would join you in Wales but in the event of a Corbyn outright victory, maybe a guerilla OAP unit may employ me ....

  Quickbeam 20:07 02 Jun 2017

We're not as concerned about the future of Trident now as opposed to the '70s when I avoided labour on account of their unilateral nuclear disarmament policy whist in the midst of the Cold War.

Who do we realistically believe that we're going to use Trident on today?

We're not going to nuke wayward banana republics as much as it might solve a lot of future bother. We're not going to nuke North Korea as aggressive as they are posturing. Nuclear warhead Cruise missiles are capable of dealing with an unexpected nuclear threat crisis.

Trident is the child of Polaris that was designed as a first strike MAD deterrent. I believe that we've moved on from needing that level of threat now and that question has become a red herring scare issue.

  morddwyd 09:50 03 Jun 2017

Who do we realistically believe that we're going to use Trident on today?

There are several nuclear regimes unstable enough to warrant the insurance of a retaliatory strike.

However, the main point is that possession of a nuclear capability is a virtual ipso facto requirement for a permanent Security Council sray.

  john bunyan 10:02 03 Jun 2017


I fully agree ; Trident and it's predecessor are purely a deterrent that have worked for many years. With USA becoming more insular the UK and France provide an important element of the NATO deterrent in Europe. No one would want to use it but a potential PM who says he would never use it is a "clear and present " danger to the defence of the realm.

  rickf 10:36 03 Jun 2017

JC did not say he would never use it though.He seems to be saying it would be used as a last resort.

  hssutton 10:43 03 Jun 2017

"He seems to be saying it would be used as a last resort." You mean after we have already been destroyed by nuclear weaponry.

  Forum Editor 11:27 03 Jun 2017

The problem with pressing the red button is that the time available between detecting an inbound attack and the missiles detonating is small - you either respond immediately, or you aren't there any more.

There is no time for discussions or thinking about 'last resort' responses.

Jeremy is, I think, avoiding having to give a plain answer to the plain question - would you respond with a nuclear strike if we detected an inbound attack?

The truth, of course, is that no Prime Minister is ever likely to be faced with having to make the decision.

  hssutton 11:30 03 Jun 2017

'The truth, of course, is that no Prime Minister is ever likely to be faced with having to make the decision'. Hopefully

  Govan1x 11:36 03 Jun 2017

On the subject of pressing the button.

Pressing the button to start a nuclear war would be a hard thing to do but as the Tory's are in power just now I thought who in the Tory party would volunteer to press the button.

And Michael Gove was my first though. Any others come to mind. Whichever party. T.B maybe.

  Pine Man 11:43 03 Jun 2017

When the Brexit referendum took place I was on a cruise and voted by post before I went but that vote didn't go my way.

When the US elections took place I was on a cruise and the last person I wanted to see as President was Trump so that didn't go my way.

I am just packing to go on a cruise tomorrow and once again I will be away for the election but of course I have already voted by post. Maybe third time lucky and I will get the result I want, which of course is Theresa.

When I wake up on 9th June I will be in Russia and I wonder if there will be a communist government at home as well as there?

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