Are Labour as doomed as was suggested

  Ungus 08:30 27 May 2017

Could it be that the nasty party isnt as secure in England and Wales as reported. Could this be a Corbyn bounce??

  oresome 13:09 30 May 2017

I did watch the interview Teabag and I've expressed the opinion I formed. I'm willing to listen to your opinion and others and even to be persuaded of a different viewpoint if it's convincing argument.

What did you get out of the interview?

  rickf 14:08 30 May 2017

The real world? What is it? A perception of yours?

  john bunyan 14:20 30 May 2017

The real world are people like me who look at Corbyn and McDonells history of revolutionary Marxism , "friendship " with terrorist organisations, total hypocrisy e.g. On Trident, and conclude that they ( I forgot Abbott) cannot be trusted with the "defence of the realm" - the first duty of a Government. All the "sweeties" on offer are bribes to those who overlook the long term risks.

  Govan1x 14:21 30 May 2017

I thought Corbyn came out quite well with his answers.

I think his problem is he always tries to tell the truth the way he sees it.

Unfortunately we are not used to politicians that tell the truth so yes he could well get trampled on, But i think we would rather listen to the truth than some made up stories that others tell.

As a person he grows on you and appears to have vastly more experience in politics than any other candidate.

So yes he could be the right man for the Job

I did also think the PM was the right person for the Job but that was before the election started and i am afraid i am very disappointed in her so far.

I would also say If the Tory party did loose or even win with a reduced majority it would be entirely her fault.

Still looking forward to the result no matter who wins.

  Govan1x 14:25 30 May 2017

Of course you would not get All the "sweeties" on offer from the Tory party they just want your houses and your money. Nothing new they always want that.

And of course a lot of folk with be voting for the sweeties i would imagine.

  john bunyan 15:21 30 May 2017

I got the Brexit and Trump results wrong so maybe Corbyn will make it 3 in a row. Too old to get a visa for Australia so maybe have to find a desert island somewhere !

  Teabag. 18:18 30 May 2017


At the outset of canvassing for the GE I was firmly in the May camp. I would have voted that way about 10 days ago. Seeing how Corbyn has conducted himself and put over his message, I am tempted to vote Labour.

The icing on the cake was Paxman's interview last night. No matter how nasty Paxman tried, Corbyn looked in control.

  Forum Editor 19:04 30 May 2017

"I think his problem is he always tries to tell the truth the way he sees it."

Telling the truth the way you see it, might not be telling the truth at all. Jeremy Corbyn desperately wants to be in government, and he will say almost anything to appeal to voters - all voters - hoping that if enough people fall for the promises he can worry about fulfilling them later. A bit like Donald Trump - he made all kinds of wild promises during his election campaign, and he is quite obviously not going to be able to make good on them.

Jeremy Corbyn can only make good on all his promises by increased borrowing - huge amounts of it.

  oresome 19:41 30 May 2017

I agree that Corbyn handled the interview well and comes across as genuine in his beliefs, but there is no escaping his history or his apparent naivety in negotiating with the EU or dealing with terrorists and religious zealots.

May didn't come across well, avoiding too many questions and not coming up with convincing arguments for some of her actions. A more astute politician would have stamped on some of the gaffs made during her time in office before they ever got past the drawing board

  Govan1x 00:20 31 May 2017
  • hoping that if enough people fall for the promises and they can worry about fulfilling them later. Just changed a couple of words on it.

Sound a bit like the Tory party to me. We will not cut pensions or winter fuel.We will keep the triple lock.

We had a lady interviewed on who she was going to vote for and she said the she is going to vote for Ukip as they are the only party that is going to cut immigration.

Probably the only party that will have no MP's to carry out what she wants. Just another wasted vote. But of course it is her right to vote for whom she pleases whether wasted or not.

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