Are Keith Palmer's funeral arrangements excessive?

  oresome 12:54 09 Apr 2017

Keith Palmer was the policeman stabbed to death in the recent terror attack. A tragic loss of life, but no more so than the other victims killed in the attack.

My main point though is that we are setting the police up as prime targets for the terrorists to gain maximum publicity, if the death of an office produces such a public event.

  Burn-it 14:53 09 Apr 2017

Yes, the media, in my mind, are doing the work for the terrorists. They should just report these attacks in words - no films - without sensationalising them and with condemnation.

  Burn-it 14:55 09 Apr 2017

I'd also say they should stop using the term terrorists and just call them the murderers that they are.

  wee eddie 16:15 09 Apr 2017

Just a thought:

In the eyes of a jihadi, if he is killed during his act, he goes to heaven.

Perhaps, we can show the Jihadi that, those that he has killed by his act, will be lauded by the Nation and given as much honour, in this world, as the Nation can give

  Al94 18:47 09 Apr 2017

Have just watched the news report on this and my wife commented that this creates a precedent and is insulting to widows of policemen previously killed in the line if duty. She is right. It is excessive.

  Cymro. 11:33 10 Apr 2017

Yes excessive and precedent are the right words. To be a police officer you and your family have to accept the risks that go with the job. Many people are killed at their work. I don't honestly see how this police officer was more brave than anyone else on that day. He like the others was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  Pine Man 13:27 10 Apr 2017

He like the others was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What a thing to say!

He was not like the others. It was his job to be where he was. He was tasked with protection. The others were mainly tourists.

Come on!!

  scales 16:10 10 Apr 2017

Of course he should be lauded, he tacked the murderer without knowing what weapons he had on him which was extremely brave. He gave his life to protect others and the least we can do is give him some public honor as a thank you.

  bremner 16:55 10 Apr 2017


Very insensitive

  Burn-it 20:52 10 Apr 2017

There is a case that the other victims deserve more. They were innocent passers by. He was PAID to be there and to expect and help prevent terrorists. That is not intended to detract from that fact that, unlike police in other countries, he did his job, and it cost him his life.

  Cymro. 12:39 11 Apr 2017

Sadly this is unlikely to be the last such terrorist attack. The chances are that others are going to be killed and that some of them will be police officers. So what do we do then? How do we decide who merits the sort of honer that this police officer has had? Does it set a precedent that others will have to be honored as this police officer was honored? Can we pick and choose whose coffin is to be placed in Westminster Hall Chapel? How do we select such people? By the job they do perhaps or by the standard of their bravery? Heros die every day and they are all heros to somebody. This policeman was after all just doing his job and insensitive as it seems it is avoiding such tragedies in the future that we should concern ourselves with not where a policeman's coffin is placed.

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