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Are Internet Radio Portals Down?

  morddwyd 12:31 08 May 2019

Having a lot of trouble getting, and holding, my favourite stations this morning.

Are any of the major portals or providers down.

  Pine Man 13:03 08 May 2019

Check here.

click here

  morddwyd 19:35 08 May 2019


I could only find one of the smaller portals, with no reported problems.

However, there must have been a problem somewhere as I had a message telling me to reset all my presets. With a couple of dozen worldwide a bit of a pain!

  morddwyd 09:42 12 May 2019


I have since found out that my portal, Frontier Silicon, had a major outage last week.

  polymath 16:19 12 May 2019

Thanks Morddwyd - happening on your topic solved my puzzle!

I went to listen to a programme yesterday afternoon (on the Blues and Roots station), on my Roberts Stream 93i. The radio went straight to the station (the last listened one), but when it loaded the display said it wasn't available, then the radio talked to me (much to my surprise!). It said something like "Due to changes in our service you will need to reset your presets". But I haven't yet got round to any presets, and Settings confirmed it (and disconnecting the power & reconnecting made no difference).

I tried a station that I wanted later (BBC Radio 3), and it played fine. So I thought it must be just Blues and Roots being down, then wondered what that could have to do radio presets for other stations. And I didn't know what 'our' service meant (Roberts's? Three Ireland Broadband's? That of some more general or more local organisation?). The problem's still there, but now I know it's probably a temporary one with an internet radio portal, and all I have to do is wait for things to settle down again. (Don't know which portal it is, or how I'd find out).

I really must read something about how internet radio is organised!

  morddwyd 18:38 12 May 2019

The Stream 913 does use use he Frontier Silicon portal; while the 83i still uses Reciva and was unaffected.

No problen resetting presets and all stations are now much quicker to connect.

As an interesting aside, when trying to stream BBC this afternoon I was told I must register. I declined and directed to BBC Sound where I was able to listen to a slightly delayed broadcast. No problem streaming direct, only when using a portal, i,e. a radio.

  polymath 20:44 12 May 2019

Interesting (and a start to my education!).

I can't use the radio at the moment, but will check in the morning if I can still stream BBC. Also their podcasts, which are largely why I got an internet radio.

I'm in the ROI, and discovered just after buying my carefully researched radio that the BBC had quietly changed audio file types, cutting off listeners outside the UK with my radio model (without telling the manufacturers, I seem to remember). Thankfully, Roberts was able to do a software update to fix it that time, but I sometimes worry that it might not be possible another time!

  morddwyd 09:59 13 May 2019

I have been aware for some time that the BBC is obsessed with television, and vowing figures.

Live (as opposed to podcasts and "catch up") radio is very much the poor relation.

  Aitchbee 12:47 13 May 2019

Coincidently, BBC FM radio 1,2,3 & 4 are all off-air at the moment [since 12.12pm ]due to essential engineering work on their Blackhill Transmitter ... affecting listeners in and around most of Central Scotland.

  morddwyd 19:30 13 May 2019

Remarkable how today's engineers can achieve what the Luftwaffe couldn't!

One wonders at the outcry if the main television channels had been off air for as long.

  polymath 21:49 13 May 2019

Tried the radio again today, and am getting the 'reset your presets' message on a loop while using the menus (as well as at Blues & Roots as before, which is still unavailable). But today I can stream BBC Radio 3 (and Radio 4 is still fine, too).

The BBC Radio 3 and 4 podcasts seem to have gone a bit weird, though (I don't know since when, as I haven't gone to listen to one for a couple of weeks at least). The podcast list for Radio 3 that I usually have to scroll down was reduced to about 12 programmes (guess that was just the portal working through its changes, as the Radio 4 list looked properly long). I tried a couple of programmes from each, and they all played fine.

Just to make figuring out what's going on more fun though, the BBC podcasts had a new little twist (over here, anyway). Once loaded, all the podcasts were preceded by a recorded man announcing that that this was the BBC, followed by a recorded lady saying 'This podcast is supported by advertising outside the UK' I couldn't recall hearing these before (I'm sure the podcasts used to simply dive straight into the recording). Whatever it is that's outside the UK (the advertising? The listening? Both?), it didn't sound applicable to UK listeners (so would be one for the Irish forums if it was a problem).

Coincidental with Aitchbee's coincidence, I had a look later at the UK All Stations list (I'd used Last Listened earlier). It was the same long list as always, as far as I could recall, and I got to the BBC ones, with the local and specialised ones, and some Five ones, but no 1,2, 3 or 4. Portal changes in progress again I suppose (3 & 4 streaming had worked again immediately before via Last Listened).

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