Are Gibson guitars killing the rainforest?

  peter99co 11:13 13 Oct 2011


Iconic US guitar maker Gibson is facing a criminal probe over claims it broke environmental laws while importing wood. So is music the next threat to the world's forests?

"The wood that goes into guitars is crucial to the tone of the instrument," says Laurence Juber, an acoustic guitarist who lined up with Sir Paul McCartney in Wings.

"I can show you the difference in sound between Indian rosewood and Brazilian rosewood and ebony and maple."

  Quickbeam 11:27 13 Oct 2011

My bass has a rosewood fretboard, what's even worse is that it's 34" long... should I go into hiding?

  Aitchbee 11:37 13 Oct 2011

QB - you are over-fretting. The steel strings on my guitar were probably made from iron-ore mined in Zimbabwe. 'My guitar gently weeps.'

  Quickbeam 11:52 13 Oct 2011

My strings are made from recycled Irn-Bru...

  Aitchbee 11:59 13 Oct 2011

Good man!

  Covergirl 12:20 13 Oct 2011

Hardly likely to make a dent considering the millions of acres lost to deforestation courtesy of the indigenous population wanting to make a living out of farming. Or cultivation of cocaine or something else more profitable LoL

  Quickbeam 12:32 13 Oct 2011

What's Bono's opinion on this? He one one on everything else.

  interzone55 13:31 13 Oct 2011


Surely it's Sting they need to talk to, after all he plays bass and loves the rain forests

  Woolwell 13:39 13 Oct 2011

There is a serious issue here regarding rain forests and deforestation. These woods are banned from import for a good reason. Guitar makers need to move towards getting wood from sustainable sources. Reading the article it seems that some of it may have come from India and may have come from sustainable sources but was wrongly coded. However if we keep on felling in the wrong areas the wood will not be there in future years and it causes other problems too.

  Kevscar1 13:53 13 Oct 2011

I suppose it would depend on what music is being played on them. I'm sure Rock and Roll wouldn't harm the trees

  Covergirl 17:23 13 Oct 2011

. . . now which is better - Sting or Bono . . . . FIGHT !! LoL

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