Are a Geek ?

  VideoSentry 15:12 06 Apr 2005

having read this click here on the BBC site I would like to say that luckily I am not included in the stats , thanks to the members of this forum and their willingness to share knowlege in 'Non Geek Speak'.

  Jak_1 16:05 06 Apr 2005

As with all things, compter related things has it's own jargon. This happens in all walks of life; whilst in the Navy myself and a colleague were in a pun near Nrecastle one evening when another custome said to us, 'you two have been talking for nearly an hour and it was like litening to someone talking in a foreign language'.

If you are going to be using a certain type of equipment, in our case computers, then a certain knowledge of terminology is required. It is difficult to give someone advice in a pub if they do not at least understand the basic terms.

No one expects everyone to go delving inside a base unit with both hands or know what a sata cable is or looks like. But, leaning a few basic terms and what they mean come with owning a computer and that's not being a geek! Trust AOL to come up with something like that! R. Soles On Line must be making a fortune out of their helplines!

  freaky 18:52 06 Apr 2005

Anybody like to expound on the difference between a Geek and a Nerd ?

  Kev.Ifty 21:07 06 Apr 2005

According to Geeks ain't vegetarian!

  Jak_1 21:45 06 Apr 2005

Beware of geeks bearing gifts, lol.

  Jak_1 21:46 06 Apr 2005

And AOL!

  josie mayhem 22:20 06 Apr 2005

It's all to do with ages and looks.

A geek, knows what they are talking about (even if others don't) and can come in both male and female versions... And tend to be older

A nerd is male only, and tends to be weedy in looks, very skiny (and sometimes spotty) and a puff of air will knock them over, let alone a punch. and is normanly under 21 years of age.. (but it has been know speices to be slightly older)

  octal 22:38 06 Apr 2005

From the Cambridge Dictionary:

Definition: geek


a person, especially a man, who is boring and not fashionable: He's such a geek.

Definition: nerd


a person, especially a man, who is unattractive and awkward or socially embarrassing: He was a real nerd in high school - I can't believe he's so handsome now.

  Kev.Ifty 23:06 06 Apr 2005

I reckon Geeks and Nerds are something Americans should worry about.

In our Country (The British Isles ) Geeks and Nerd's are well covered in the guise of Anoraks.

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