Archaic customs of the Royal family!

  Flak999 12:39 26 Jun 2012

I am not an avid supporter of the Royal family, but I am not a republican either. I think the Queen does a good job for the country and brings in much needed tourist dollars.

However when you see articles such as this The Queen tells the Duchess of Cambridge to curtsy to the 'blood princesses’ it really does make you wonder! I know that some of these quaint old customs contribute to the continuing mystique surrounding the monarchy, but really in this day and age when Charles has been allowed to marry a divorcee and William has married a commoner, do they all really need to bow and scrape to one another even in private?

Frankly a more anachronistic throw back to a bygone age you could not invent! I thought at first it was a joke but apparently not! The order comes from Her Maj herself!

It's a bit like the vainglorious titles and uniforms that they all love to sport. I see Charles was made a Field Marshall, Marshall of the RAF and Admiral of the Fleet all in one day, last week!

It's all to ridiculous for words isn't it?

  Cymro. 14:17 26 Jun 2012

I suppose this is going to turn in to another of those Royalist v. Republican threads that turn up on this forum from time to time. As a Republican I recon that such "archaic customs of the Royal family" may actually help in a small way to bring the whole system to an end and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.

  wiz-king 14:17 26 Jun 2012

One cannot get one's relatives getting out of line.

A list of some sort is required to make the system run smoothly of else some of the old 'Empire leaders' would get out of line - in more ways than one.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:18 26 Jun 2012

"It's all to ridiculous for words isn't it?"

Not really, it's all part of what brings in those "much needed tourist dollars."

  Aitchbee 14:22 26 Jun 2012

I remember, 'when I did go to Sunday Mass', people would always lowering one knee momentarily to the ground, as an act of worship.(before taking a pew).

Most people don't do that now...(thank God)...I got a good excuse anyway, as I've got a dodgy knee :o]

  woody 14:37 26 Jun 2012

It was not that long ago when MEN gave up their seat for women - opened the door - and doffed their hat - all a sign of respect. lets bring everything down to a level or better still lets go back to when manners counted.

  Woolwell 14:39 26 Jun 2012

woody - I know this off subject but you know that you're getting older when a young woman gives up her seat for you!

  Condom 14:53 26 Jun 2012

No one is under instruction to bow or curtsy these days. It is a personal choice. I have met several members of the "Family" during my life and some I have bowed to others I have nodded my head to. Her indoors who is from Eire has always given the full curtsy as she thinks it is an occasion which has traditions which should be upheld. Indeed one of my favourite members even commented to me that she thought my wife looked very graceful.

  Flak999 15:02 26 Jun 2012

fourm member

When you were in the fire service didn't you have rules about who to salute and how?

Your right we did! But I joined the fire service in 1978 and everything within the service was run along old navy lines. However as the service modernised we gave up saluting, marching and standing to attention on role call back in 85.

I don't think it's really quite the same is it? In the services those things are all a part of discipline, In ones family you don't behave in an obsequious manner to one another, I'm not sure about you but I don't bow to my wife and I wouldn't expect my son's wife to curtsy to me!

  woody 15:09 26 Jun 2012

FLAK999 - I'm not sure about you but I don't bow to my wife and I wouldn't expect my son's wife to curtsy to me! - No. - But you do expect a certain respect. Thats what the Queen expects it is only the act which i different.

  woody 15:15 26 Jun 2012

"Woolwell" The other day i said "Hello young man" he said "Hello oldish person".Young women have been holding the door open for me for many years.You reach an age and you cease to be man/woman/other - just neutral!

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