The Apprentice

  babybell 10:35 26 Mar 2009

So it was back on our screens last night, so what did you think?

I thought it was compelling viewing with the usual cringe moments thrown in.

Did the right person get the chop?

  Forum Editor 12:11 26 Mar 2009

I thought that the producers are now doing what they always do with a good idea - they're milking it. I predict declining audiences, and in an attempt to boost viewing figures there will be the usual crop of drama/shock/horror moments as one by one the self-important, tacky candidates are publicly humiliated to gratify the viewers' insatiable appetite for 'reality TV' - although of course there is little resemblance to reality in it. The 'board-room' is a TV set,and the various tasks are incredibly contrived.

It has passed its sell by date, and I'm surprised that Alan Sugar continues to lend his name to it.

  Si_L 12:27 26 Mar 2009

Have to disagree. They are not milking the idea, it is a brilliant concept for a TV series and they are running it because its popular and in demand, which is proven in the viewing numbers. Each season has had stronger viewing figures than the last and I see no reason why that is going to change in season 5. The last season doubled its watchers compared to the first.

  user8 12:29 26 Mar 2009

Your Fired!
End of Story?
Sadly it seems we have to go through another series!

  Jim Thing 13:08 26 Mar 2009

" by one the self-important, tacky candidates are publicly humiliated to gratify the viewers' insatiable appetite for 'reality TV'..."

That sums it up nicely. I watched a couple of programmes in the last series, but I quit because all the candidates seemed to be identikit models taken from the box marked "Pushy, Cocky, Potty-mouthed and Thoroughly Unpleasant." I certainly wouldn't want to work alongside any of 'em.

  newman35 13:23 26 Mar 2009


"So who wants their shoes shined with a camera crew to let you see yourself on a 'big' TV show?".

"Would you like your fleet of cars valeted, on camera"? Er, let me think about that, do we really want all this free publicity...?

Sad - but in the same league as 'Big Brother' really.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:19 26 Mar 2009

I unfortunately watched it and if this bunch of self-opinionated imbeciles represent the best of British managerial material, I can clearly understand why the UK is in such a mess. I shall refrain from watching the next episodes as it is far too cringing.


  newman35 14:39 26 Mar 2009

Like yourself that was the last, for me.

Obviously the candidates are carefully chosen to be so obnoxious so that we can all sit there and think "Good, that idiot got fired". Makes us feel better I suppose.
But as an advert for 'British business talent' it's truly awful.

  kidsis 15:17 26 Mar 2009

I suppose it's Alan Sugar that chooses these people in the first place? Another thought - why don't they have an Apprentice show for the over 50's? Isn't there supposed to be a law against age discrimination in employment now? I guess that an over 50's show would truly humiliate the babes that are chosen for the current series'. I love the way the girls didn't know how to get the pressure washer started - really professional. I only started watching the Apprentice last year and must admit I was hooked - it's a bit like car crash telly. I will be watching again next week, at least there's a bit of comedy in it.

  Zaphod 3 17:10 26 Mar 2009

The funniest bit was the girl who was fired last night, on the box this morning.

She said "I don't think Alan Sugar likes lawyers".

Margaret Mountford was of course a partner at one of the City's pre-eminent firms, and Mr Sugar is no stranger to suing someone if he feels the need.

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  Forum Editor 18:38 26 Mar 2009

"I suppose it's Alan Sugar that chooses these people in the first place?"

I very much doubt that he has anything to do with the selection process. The programme makers will want to choose a mix of characters to fit a formula:-

Good ethnic mix

At least one good looking male

Ditto female

One pompous twit who thinks he's god's gift to the business community.

One feisty female who is determined to claw her way to success.

One underdog with no qualifications who is endearingly vulnerable.

One unpleasant female who stabs people in the back

Ditto male.

It's a formula show, and anyone who thinks it bears the slightest resemblance to the real world of business is living in cloud cuckoo land. The real winner is the same person each time - Alan Sugar. He revels in the 'East end boy made good, apples and pears, Gor Blimey, I may not talk posh but I done all right for myself' image, and the thing is, in his case it's all true.

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