Appointment for X-ray

  birdface 17:17 23 Jun 2010

Went to Doctors.
Docter says time you had an X-ray.
Phone this number when you get home and they will make an appointment for you.
Phoned number and was told to phone back on Tuesday as they need to contact my Doctor.
I said so why does the Doctor not contact you instead of having to go through all this procredure.
Well we have to contact him to get all your details so that we can make an appointment for you.
Now the doctor usually tells me to go down to the Diagnostic[local medical center] tomorrow for an X-Ray if needed without all this what I would call crap.
Waste of time still have to phone back on Tuesday.

Apart from the number I have to phone all the other numbers were all 0845 numbers.
If this is what they call progress they have just had a giant leep backwards.
Rant over.
I can now see something that usually takes two or three days taking at least two or three weeks now.
Rant definately over.
Until the next time.

  woody 17:52 23 Jun 2010

When my wife needs to see a particular doc because she has numerous problems and it would take at least 30 mins for a stranger to get up to speed.
If urgent she will see anyone but - urgent - is usually hospital.
I go to the docs - can I see "X" - NO.
I will be prepared to wait a week two weeks three weeks - NO.
You have to go home and phone each day at 8.30am and hope you beat others to the appointment.
This way no one waits for more than two days to see a doc -on paper!!
It is madness!

  wellshgit 18:54 23 Jun 2010

No problem for us. Doc fills in form on his computer, prints it, gives it to me. Off I go to the Hospital x-ray dept, have x-ray, job done

  john bunyan 18:57 23 Jun 2010

Same here. Suggest, buteman, you "politely" request the same from your GP - you are a customer as well as a patient!

  spuds 18:58 23 Jun 2010

The NHS introduced a new self-booking system 1 or 2 years ago for hospital appointments. Whenever I tried to use it, it failed.

The last time the appointment day and time wouldn't register. So back to the advice and help phone-line. The person there stated , that what I see on the screen, they see the same, and they would need to contact the hospital direct. Needless to say, one week down the line and I was at the doctor's surgery having a good moan about this new scheme. The practice manager then arranged an appointment via telephone, as they would have perhaps done previously.

But hasn't this scheme been scrapped now!.

  Bingalau 19:10 23 Jun 2010

buteman, I sympathise with you because I have been getting the run-around from the medics for the last couple of years. My GP knew I needed an operation and so did I. But whether it was done purposely or accidentally something always diverted me in to the wrong channel. I have now circumnavigated it all by managing to find the phone number of the P.A. to the consultant I wanted to see. That resulted in me seeing him within the week. He was appalled at the time I have been waiting to see him, So he the tried to fit me in for an operation on the NHS, but was fully booked up until the end of July when he goes on holiday... So I offered to pay. Result I am being done privately, next Thursday 1st July. Yes, it's costing me cash but I can't wait any longer because the pain is actually getting worse each day. The money I have saved for a rainy day which has arrived. so as I can't take it with me I reckon it is going to a good cause "ME".

Oh yes I also got the run-a-round when my wife was dying from cancer, getting sent from one consultant to another and none of them brave enough to tell us we were wasting our time.

Another rant over.....

  gengiscant 19:26 23 Jun 2010

I'm with 'wellshgit' on this one, get letter, drop in to clinic, get x-ray.Sorted.

  birdface 22:16 23 Jun 2010

Sorry for the delay but the wife dragged me out.
I can almost guarantee that when I phone back on tuesday they will make an appointment for me at the little diagnostic center just down the road from me to have the X-rays.
And like I said previously instead of taking the one or two days to arrange which was normal.
This is going to drag out for about 3 weeks.
I have already waited over 4 months for the Doctor to actually say that it is time for an X-ray I could have told him that 4 months ago.

  birdface 22:27 23 Jun 2010

[No problem for us. Doc fills in form on his computer, prints it, gives it to me. Off I go to the Hospital x-ray dept, have x-ray, job done]

Thats exactly what my Doctor did but all it says is.
Please use this letter to choose an apointment.
Then goes on to give my details NHS Number. Doctor. and Booking reference Number.
I had to make an appointment at the beginning of last week to see my Doctor today.

  ronalddonald 10:52 24 Jun 2010

Funny that my GP is now a called a Pinn Medical Center. My GP surgery was closed down for asking more money from the health service, but having say that the service has improved greatly.

Wife went to see the doc, doc said need to do a exray for footsy ring the number, wife rang the number and the number directed here to the main hospital xray dept, and the same day given an appointment for xray at the Pinn medical centre.

the 2nd point my daughter was unwell, high temp ear infection, normally my old gp would be shut over the weekend and the monday was a bank holiday, however the pinn centre was open everyday even on bank holidays upto 7pm saw a doc got a prescription and went to the pharmacist in the pinn centre.

  Big L 266 09:07 25 Jun 2010

Hello. have my total sympathy.The 'old days' of the NHS before local health authorities, regional health authorities, strategic health authorities were much better and easier. The GP gave you a form, you went to the hospital, queued up for your x-ray, had it done, went home, waited for the results.

We should in these 'new days' close all local, regional and strategic health authorites and have one accountable authority per county. There are too many over-paid, over-bearing, pen-pushing 'jobsworths' within the NHS who have nothing to do but create mountains of edicts, petty rules, paperwork,regulations and endless pointless meetings and form-filling and 'targets'.

The following website called 'Say No To 0870' has saved me a fortune in NOT having to dial expensive 08 numbers.

click here

Give this website a look just in case someone has posted an 01/02/03 landline equivalent number to correspond to these ghastly 0845 numbers we're forced to use. (Saved a fortune using this to dial the National Lottery, T-Mobile, and even some ISPs!)

Good for you for having a rant! I do regularly!

Hope the x-ray goes well - whenever you get it.

Big L 266

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