Appeal against who gets to print new passport

  Govan1x 10:41 03 Apr 2018

This from the BBC.

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  Govan1x 20:18 03 Apr 2018

I believe that George Osborne is being paid £600.000 a year as advisor to one of the firms connected to the French firm who will be getting the contract, whether true or not. I don't know if that was one of the false news story's or whether it was true.

Knew that I seen it somewhere.

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  rickf 10:04 04 Apr 2018

This is going to come across as sour grapes. Apparently, they won fair and square.

  wee eddie 10:22 04 Apr 2018

Interesting: The Company that won, plan to produce the Passports at their UK Factory.

De La Rue, which is UK based, might easily not produce the Passports in the UK as, I have been told, they have factories in other parts of the world

  rickf 10:32 04 Apr 2018

And we are supposed to be opened for business?? What kind of message is this sending,

  Govan1x 10:35 04 Apr 2018


Probably just a coincidence I suppose or jobs for the boys who hold a bit of influence depending on what way you look at it.

or the government denying they have anything to do with Cambridge Analytica but got a donation to the Tory party from them for either £80.000 or £800.000 cant remember which it was.

Or the former boss of Carillon who actually worked for the Government as an advisor at one time.

All of those things are probably all legit business transactions and harmless but it does not stop persons like myself from thinking otherwise.

We don't want to be part of Europe but we don't mind giving them work that could have been done in the Uk.

De La Rue have said the price that the French company submitted was less than cost price for them so I suppose not a lot of profit in it I suppose. Just have to wait and see the outcome although the Government has stated that the new passports will not be getting made in the UK.

  Pine Man 11:06 04 Apr 2018

Well I, for one, couldn't really care what colour my next passport is, or where it is made.

I look to our government, as the purchaser of this service, to get value for money. I have little doubt that De La Rue thought it would be a simple 'rubber stamp job' for them to be awarded the contract and set their price accordingly.

There are far more important issues at stake in this country, at the moment, without worrying what colour my passport is or where it is made!!

  john bunyan 11:17 04 Apr 2018

I agree with Pine Man. De La Rue are lucky to have got the contract for U.K. plastic banknotes and they print banknotes for other countries, so they can’t complain if they lose some contracts. They have had big management issues in the past - have a read of this :

De La Rue

  caccy 18:33 05 Apr 2018

The following comments were in the Daily Telegraph yesterday. Over the last 5 years:-

1)The share price has halved.

2)Turnover has fallen by over £65million

3) The company has negative shareholder funds of £110 Million (in 2011 it was a positive £13 Milliom)

4) Over the last 6 years they have paid dividends of £214 million which is MORE than their total profits over the same period.

5) They have made an exceptional loss over the last 9 years.

Would you risk giving work to this company?

I'm an Anglphile through and through but this company seems to be tettering on the brink and in the end it's OUR money thats at risk.

P.S. Don't doubt the French have pulled a fast one somewhere to get this contract.

RANT OVER and feel better.

  bumpkin 18:47 05 Apr 2018

caccy, maybe the government learnt from Carillion much as I doubt it.

  Govan1x 23:39 05 Apr 2018

Just what I was thinking bumpkin.

They did not mind overloading Carillon with work even when they were going down the drain.

Their bid was to high they say. lets see what HS2 final bill is.

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