Aol complaints

  wolfie3000 15:22 16 Sep 2005

just been chatting to a freind about isp,s and am wondering why it is that lots of people slag off aol iv used them for years with no problems and now that i use braodband with them iv found that they are the cheapest and dont cap or limit there usage so why does nearly everyone hate them?

  omega-13 15:32 16 Sep 2005

Its the little things, like I can't stand the browser window, I minimise things and i have to minimise everyother window to find (aol windows) not other sites it has a habit of crashing at the worst time i'e downloading a file or such everything is blue and the Welcome to aol at the loadup gets me everytime(keep forgetting it happens) of course I use aol myself because of the price and the no caps downloads its a bargin.

  wolfie3000 15:36 16 Sep 2005

lol i hate the "welcome to aol" myself but just turned it off it sounds like joanna lumley but other than that i find everything better than ie like the fact i dont need another program for my e-mails or checking to see if my buddies are online (aim) and aol radio i love it plays all my favourite music so i still cant see why people hate it oh and aol 9.0 has never crashed on me ever guess im lucky

  pj123 16:03 16 Sep 2005

I also have never had any problem with AOL.

Yes it is Joanna Lumley, just turn her off.

The only problem I now have with AOL is that they have decided to do away with their FREE helpline.

It now appears to be on an 0870 number, although you can still get free help online in the Help keyword.

  wolfie3000 16:22 16 Sep 2005

yeah i like aol just that it seems the people that hate it are the ones who dont use it

  patsyanne 17:41 16 Sep 2005

There was a thread on here ages ago where someone said how you could uninstall AOL but still be able to get on the internet by AOL but not having all their programs come up something to do with getting another internet connection , if i run sis sandra her tips is about how AOL is hogging a lot of my computer .
I find one of the worse things when you start up AOL is all the adverts that the only way to get rid of them is to click "no thanks "

  wolfie3000 18:48 16 Sep 2005

the ads are a pain especially now with the new welcome screen but it takes less than a second to minimize itand a freind of mine who uses outlook express for her e-mail has all sorts of problems with it and as for memory hogs running ie and outlook at the same time so you can see when you get a new mail is alot more than just running aol by its self

  rdave13 00:16 17 Sep 2005

To connect to net without AOL software just:-

Click on AOL tray icon in task bar(lower right hand corner).

Click on Start AOL dialler.

Enter password.

Click on sign on.

Now connected to internet without AOL software.

In the tray bar right click dialler icon and sellect dialler settings.

Click on "always display dialler tray icon".

Click save.

Whenever you wish to connect to the net,without using the AOL software then just click dialler icon(with the red no entry sign) and click connect.

Hope this helps.

  flyingbrit 02:38 17 Sep 2005

on aol:.....has anyone tried to log onto instead of used to be able to but since i formatted and re-installed aol i can't,it just keeps re-directing me back to ...not that i'm a yank(check out name)it's just that a lot of the music on is more to my taste(i'm getting old now) and you can't get to it on uk....apart from that and changing from free helpline to 0870 number(live help not much bottle,can't seem to get anywhere with these Chatanuks ect)i have had no trouble with aol at for aol browser,minimise it and use microsoft i.e. or any other you want.......britsdad

  pj123 11:42 17 Sep 2005

I knew I was tempting fate when I said:

"I also have never had any problem with AOL."

Well I have got one now, I can't log in at all to AOL. See my posting: click here

  patsyanne 13:11 17 Sep 2005

pj123 have you still not sorted it yet ! obviously not .

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