Is this anyway to make decisions on our behalf?

  oresome 10:38 02 Jul 2019

MPs “had lower levels of concentration, were losing sleep because of worry, were feeling less useful, were less capable of making decisions and were feeling under constant strain” compared with those in the four comparator groups, the study says.

A recent survey has found that 3 in 4 MPs suffer from mental health issues due to stress.


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  john bunyan 15:11 06 Jul 2019

I meant I like Yvette Cooper, not she is a Marxist like Corbyn, McDonnell et al

  Govan1x 18:23 06 Jul 2019

[MPs “had lower levels of concentration, were losing sleep because of worry,]

If that is happening to MP's what do you think it is doing to millions of voters.

I suppose the difference is the MP's can take time of with pay but the general public cant.

Time for the MP's to get on with what they are paid to do, Get us out of the EU.

If suffering from stress or strain they have brought it on themselves.

If the job gets to much for them they should leave and let someone else do the job.

They wont though. Money for old boots, they are not going to give that up.

  grumpy old man 18:23 06 Jul 2019

MP's are not unique in sleep depravation and other health problems due to pressure at work. Ask yourself this , have you ever gone home after a hard day at work and unable to sleep at night because when you go to work tomorrow you just know that a problem you had will still be their in the morning. Have you ever burnt the midnight oil doing reports that should have been done by other staff , the reason you did it was because deep down you don't really trust your staff. My boss says he does NOT delegate work because if he does other peoples work he will know that things do get done.

I am retiring 1 year early on the 19 of this month because I am sick and tired of others NOT doing work they have been delegated to do.

FOOTNOTE. a well known MP who died in 1985 was well known as a heavy drinker due to pressure of work , so that the press did not get into trouble by saying he was drunk they always described him as "tired and emotional ".

  morddwyd 18:51 06 Jul 2019

Like I said, it's called democracy.

People make their own choice, and if that diverges from yours that doesn't mean you've been ignored, just considered and rejected, just like Gove supporters..

If enough people agree with you things will change. If not they won't!

  john bunyan 22:45 06 Jul 2019

It is not democracy to have Buffoon Boris foisted upon us by a piddling 165,000 Tory members. Neither is it Democracy to have 800 mainly white unelected old men having a major impact on our laws. True democracy ( the people’s opinion to prevail) has a long way to go.

  john bunyan 07:01 07 Jul 2019

PS The 800, obviously, is the House of Lords. The US Senate is 100.

By all means have a second chamber with a selection of expertise, but have an element of election and a time limit for tenure.

  Quickbeam 07:44 07 Jul 2019

john bunyan

I quite agree, non the less, that's how we do it, until we can reform!

Meanwhile, those that use those similar examples, cite and perpetuate this sort of dross to still up even more the myth of a democracy free EU...

FE... the author of this creation plasters it all over various social media platforms to incite and encourage multiple sharing to beguile the gullible amongst us!

  Quickbeam 07:59 07 Jul 2019

And if ever you wondered if social media needs to be controlled over political issues aimed at the dim, that is the evidence...

  morddwyd 09:53 07 Jul 2019

Of course it's democracy.

We all have the same opportunity to select those 800, or to join the Conservative Party and vote for a leader other than Boris, who may, under the democratic rules of the party and our, admittedly unwritten, constitution, still become PM, however unlikely.

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