For Anyone Who Is Interested

  Crosstrainer2 13:42 03 Oct 2011

Since we really don't have a dedicated photo section (hint hint) I bit the bullet and created a Flikr account....NOT happy about the Yahoo stuff, but ho hum, it works for the Darkside...Some old stuff I dug up, and taken with very old kit seems to stand the test of time quite well.

Was going to upload the first three tracks of my progress in work (yes me, not other bands for a change) but then realised you have to pay for more than 300MB

I chopped as many as I could, but I want you all to be REALLY honest....Need to chop another 30MB of photo's to upload the music vids.

Come on, I can take it![email protected]/

  Crosstrainer2 13:55 03 Oct 2011


These people are clever, I can't post more than 10 HD photo's...Unless of course I pay. Never mind, what is there now is the last of my smaller files, and most of them have been Apertured to reduce size.

I suppose they think that I will pay for the extra space.?

No, I have Youtube and other Music sites that don't charge me for that.

  Aitchbee 16:32 03 Oct 2011

Crosstrainer2 - well done. You are a pioneer!

I have got my own's still pretty bare, but I would love to be able to show some of my best pics to the respected forum members.

When I was in Chester last year,on a bus holiday, I only got one photo because my batteries ran out. Your pics are a treat.

  Crosstrainer2 16:40 03 Oct 2011


Thanks for your kind words...But I still need you all to be hard on the delete from side of things. I have the photo's anyway...Just need to make room for some larger music files!!

  Aitchbee 22:33 07 Oct 2011

Crosstrainer2 - I had another shifty 2 minutes ago...(so, you have now got an attracted pictures do not need to be magnified...just my opinion...I'm still impressed.

  interzone55 23:03 07 Oct 2011

firstly, the photos are excellent, you had me with the iceberg.

Have you tried photobucket, as far as I can work out it's totally free

  lotvic 13:03 08 Oct 2011

Wildflower Bridge - you have two identical pics uploaded 3rd and one on 5th Oct

Ditto two each of these 'The Wildlife Islands', 'The Reflection',

royal bank of scotland chester and 20010618100422AA seem to be the same pic content.

Ditto chester1 and 20010618085218AA

Ditto The Corner and corner post

Also too many pics of The Scott Clock, one view of it would be enough

I enjoyed looking at them, the 'Ice' is superb :)

  Crosstrainer2 13:06 08 Oct 2011


Yes it needs tidying, Woolwell, Photobucket seems to have gone downhill, with a fair amount of sex related advertising. Flickr will do for now it think!

  Crosstrainer2 13:27 08 Oct 2011


Deleted the duplicates, but have used 71% of my monthly allocation I can't upload any of my HD images as they are all too large. But I will change them from time to time. It will do for the time being until I find another Mac compatible site :))

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