Anyone watch Eggheads?

  onthelimit 18:33 04 Mar 2010

Last night, the team failed to win 36 grand. Tonight, the new team were told that they were starting from £1000 as the prize had been won. What goes on? (ps. I think this may have happened before).

  jakimo 18:51 04 Mar 2010

Yes I watched it last night,so it should stand at £37000 tonight,whats going on?

  hssutton 19:05 04 Mar 2010

Recordings out of sequence?.

I Missed it last night, so assumed it had been won.

  oldbeefer3 19:11 04 Mar 2010

How bizarre!

  wellshgit 19:12 04 Mar 2010

The £36000 was won yesterday, I watched it.

  wellshgit 19:14 04 Mar 2010

Sorry it was £37000.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:19 04 Mar 2010

Must have been shown out of sequence in some regions, as I too saw £37,000 won yesterday.

  onthelimit 19:32 04 Mar 2010

Odd - nothing won on Central prog.

  morddwyd 20:15 04 Mar 2010

Different regions.

For instance, I don't get an edition tonight, but get one on Saturday afternoon.

Did see it won last night though.

It was the two new numpties who failed in the hot seat last night.

  Belatucadrus 22:45 04 Mar 2010

Yes the Eggheads got their Fantastic Four characters confused, they thought Reed Richards was the Human Torch, when all truly sad collectors of irrelevant minutiae know he's Mr Fantastic.

  jakimo 01:40 05 Mar 2010

I too was watching it on Central,the least they could do is keep in in sequence

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