anyone want n...............

  Seth Haniel 12:17 08 Feb 2009

Aircraft Carrier

click here

Heading our way at full speed -

And we DONT want it


  Totally-braindead 15:48 08 Feb 2009

As far as I am concerned the question really is will the proper safety precautions be taken, if they will then theres no real problem. If you have concerns about the precautions that will be taken then I can understand your view on this Seth Haniel. But if proper safety precautions are taken then I don't see what your objections could be.
Do kind of wonder why they could not do it thereselves. Do they lack the technical expertise to deal with this safely?

  Forum Editor 15:49 08 Feb 2009

But why wouldn't you like it on your doorstep? Lots of people are saying the same thing, but nobody's giving any reasons.

  Forum Editor 15:56 08 Feb 2009

"Do they lack the technical expertise to deal with this safely?"

If by 'they' you mean the French, the answer is no - they have the expertise, but not the facilities. Originally the ship was sent to India to be broken, but the Indian authorities turned it away, fearful that inadequate knowledge and facilities in the Indian breaking business would have exposed workers to unacceptably high levels of risk.

The British company (Able UK) which is doing the work is one of the world's leaders in the field, and has a dry dock big enough to accommodate ships of this size.

  spuds 16:23 08 Feb 2009

Can 'we' change the subject to Sellafield ;o(

  anskyber 17:14 08 Feb 2009

Jean Kennedy from the local action group does the cause of rational debate no good at all with comments like "we're going to live in a nightmare haze of toxicity for the rest of our lives."

I spent 11 years of my working life as the planner for Hartlepool and it is certainly true that the town and its surroundings have endured a large number of what many would call "dirty" industries. Out of such a background comes a great skill base which as a result often begets more of the same as jobs follow the skills.

Able UK and other associated companies under the direction of their principal have occasionally been seen by some to "jump the gun" with developments and I think in turn the company may think that the authorities have been too sharp to examine their activities. It's a local thing and much about perceptions on both sides.

The result of this has usually meant that the activities have attracted very close scrutiny and therein lies the safety factor, it will have been the subject of the most rigorous investigation and it will be just as closely monitored.

Hartlepool will be well looked after.

  Seth Haniel 18:55 08 Feb 2009

when one lives their life in an area they get to know who to trust and who not to trust -
(See link above about the fine of Able -)

doesn't take much digging to find what else has been going on throughout the years -
I know people who have worked and have first hand knowledge of what I am on about

"The British company (Able UK) which is doing the work is one of the world's leaders in the field, and has a dry dock big enough to accommodate ships of this size."

Usually they have to dismantle something before they can have a proven track record !!!


  Forum Editor 19:10 08 Feb 2009

they get to know who to trust and who not to trust"

Why should that be the case - why does living in an area imbue you with the ability to know who you can trust? The company and the facility that will do the work is the only one in the world outside America that has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency to dismantle American ships. It also complies with both UK and European health, safety, and environmental standards.

So tell us, what is it "that has been going on throughout the years"?

  MAJ 19:10 08 Feb 2009

You'll find that some people not directly affected by such a proposal will of course try to reassure you about how great the company and agencies are. But move it to their backyard, it's a different matter, especially when they realise that as little as one fibre of asbestos, especially if it's brown asbestos (IIRC), can cause asbestosis.

  amonra 19:18 08 Feb 2009

If the ship is such a hazard then how did all the thousands of French sailors manage when they worked/lived aboard ? I know some of the asbestos doesn't become hazardous until disturbed but surely some maintenance was carried out over the years ? As someone said earlier it's jobs !

  Chegs ®™ 19:30 08 Feb 2009

As I live less than 10 miles from the worlds largest nuclear dustbin,that has just been visited by GB to announce that Sellafield is 1 of 4 favoured sites for new nuclear build.Without Sellafield,the economy would be much poorer and certainly the towns along the coast here would be more shabby(BNFL as it used to be known,invested huge sums buying & improving many buildings and the NDA as its known presently are continuing this tradition of investing as the towns rugby club recently received £40,000)The various companies that have run Sellafield have all promised the safest working practises available,but this hasnt stopped these companies being prosecuted for nuclear spillages and subsequent clean ups.Despite all the media coverage once given to "Yet another leak..." I havent grown any extra limbs,or needed save on torch batteries as my "aura" provides all the light I need.Sellafield has the resourses to deal with large quantities of contaminated items,Hartlepool has the needed resourses to deal with large "ghost ships".Both places are a necessary evil to cope with the worlds toxic wastes,and although I would prefer not having either of these places in my backyard I realise these places must exist and have no objection to their contributions to the economy.

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