Anyone still using Windows XP?

  simonjary 13:54 10 Apr 2012

Windows XP and the business productivity suite Office 2003 both exit all support on April 8, 2014, says Microsoft.

Does this frighten or concern any PCA forum users?

  interzone55 14:16 10 Apr 2012

Behind me at work is a PC running XP Pro that just sits there recording call statistics, it's been there for about 5 years.

Every now & again it reboots after an update, at which point we have to scrabble around for the password, then work out which template needs to be loaded into the call logging software.

Once MS ends support the updates will stop, and therefore the reboots will stop, saving us about 30 minutes every month.

Apart from that I have a netbook running XP, the lack of support doesn't bother me as long as Avast keep updating the AV signatures...

  SimpleSimon1 14:18 10 Apr 2012

Not in the least! When my current XP machine dies, I'll get a new PC with W7 (which I use on my work laptop and like a lot). Until then, XP does fine for my home needs (including mixed OS networking, printer sharing, remote support of relatives and media serving).

As for the second question, I'll be continuing with Office 2003 on the W7 machine. I have a lot of [work] experience with Office 2003 and 2010 on high-spec laptops and IMHO O2010 is still full of bugs, slow and prone to lock-up/crash. Also, after all this time, I still have to look three or four times for some of the less common commands on that flipping ribbon....and don't even get me started on what Microsoft have done to the relational database model with the implementation of multivalued fields!

  OTT_B 14:19 10 Apr 2012

If they were to lose support in April '12 that would be a concern at work. I'm told there are plans afoot to update to W7 / Office 2010 sometime next year. That'll leave me swearing at the horrid, keyboard shortcut fearing ribbon toolbars.

  Quickbeam 14:43 10 Apr 2012

Yes, it's on a little Samsung netbook that I take away at weekends, to music lessons and friends houses etc.

I'll use it until it's broken. It cost nearly £400 new and they go on Ebay for only £40, so it's for the rest of it's working life with me, before I replace it.

  Blackhat 14:43 10 Apr 2012

I have 2 XP pc’s at work, both with office 2003. I have never updated office as we only use it for word and the occasional spread sheet. Both will continue until they die of natural causes.

  Bingalau 14:46 10 Apr 2012

I use XP. I thought it was the latest system.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:51 10 Apr 2012

I have become extremely comfortable with xp over the years. It has its little quirks, but I'm used to them, and I think its a very user friendly os. I wish I could say the same with W7 (I try hard not to think about vista, save that my original opinion of it as being a bit of a turkey has been proven correct).

I sometimes think that MS change things for the sake of change. Yes, the behind the scenes operations have changed almost beyond recognition from win95, but you still perform pretty much the same tasks then as now. (I know there are some things that have fallen by the wayside, such as formatting floppy disks etc, but lets not be picky). Additional features have been added as new technologies become available, or security risks identified, but people still create files, modify, copy, move and delete them. And its the user interface that will concern the biggest majority of users. Who cares if the new Winxyz is the best thing since sliced bread (what was the best thing before sliced bread, btw) if its a pig to use, or you have to learn a whole new set of procedures to run it.

New model cars come out every year, but you still find the steering wheel, pedals and (usually) the gear lever & handbrake in the same places as they were 50 years ago. So why change the basics? If ford brought out a compact runaround that cost 4k brand new, did 80mpg but for some reason not immediately apparent the accelerator and clutch pedals were reversed, how well do you think it would sell? Sell it would, because some people will buy anything, and lots of people will adapt, but I think most will stick with what they are familiar with, even if it leaves them at a disadvantage. And will carry on doing so even when spare parts for their old cars become unavailable, for as long as they can.

And just in case anyone hasn't figured it out by now, I'm sticking with Xp for the forseeable future.


  amonra 15:02 10 Apr 2012

I'll stick with my XP on the 2nd machine for as long as the machine lasts. Why change when it does everything I ask of it. This machine with Win7 does exactly the same things but with a "new" look, big deal !

  Input Overload 15:20 10 Apr 2012

I have XP on a DELL laptop I use for work: I believe that Win 7 does not support serial ports and as some gear I have to interact still uses serial ports it & any further reincarnations will use XP until I no longer to use dated serial ports.

This PC has Win 7 on which is the last Windows version I will use as I will be totally moved over to Linux on this, my other & subsequent PC's way before MS ceases support for 7 ~ The sooner the better actually, 90% there now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:54 10 Apr 2012

Yes main pc is XP and runs like a dream.

I have Vista on a laptop with faster cpu and more memory that runs slower than the XP machine.

Still running WINDOWS 2000 and 98SE on an old laptops because old software I need for work purposes won't run on XP or above.

Last year retired a laptop (it was bigger than my desktop) running DOS 5 and have just retired a laptop using Windows 3.1 as finally the locomotives that needed it has been scrapped.

Will probably upgrade to a W7 machine this year, although I have been saying that for the last two years, perhaps I'm getting stuck in my old ways, can't see the need for a smart phone either, although I have just set up a system to give me smart TV (HD Humax box connected to internet).

May be someone will convince me otherwise

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