Anyone still use a email

  davecartman 08:49 08 Mar 2017

I came across an article today saying orange email is to close in May 2017, I have logged into Orange/EE and this seems to be true. As I have such an address which is used not only for email but as a login on most sites including this one this is bad news. EE have not given any notice of this, there is no point ringing them as I do not have a spare day to wait for someone to answer. Anyone know what is going on ?

  BT 09:08 08 Mar 2017

EE/Orange have given notice that's what the Email is all about, and they do suggest alternative Email providers and how to change over to the one of your choice. As they explain they have supported the various emails including fsmail and Freeserve which were basically Dial Up services, and are taking this step because very few people now use these addresses any more due to the many other options provided by modern Broadband suppliers

  BT 09:11 08 Mar 2017

Further to my post and what you say it would seem that you haven't received the Email from EE/Orange yet It does explain everything and your options.

  davecartman 09:13 08 Mar 2017

BT The point is I haven't had an email, I came across this article completely by accident. My wife has a different email address and she has not been informed either. Before you say we must have missed it we both only have the odd email and nothing is in our junk folders.

  LastChip 11:18 08 Mar 2017

I'm surprised you haven't had an email as I too have received one.

It's an email address I had from years ago and it's an opportunity to kill off many spam emails that come via that address.

I've recently transferred any people or businesses I want to keep in contact with to a new address, so it doesn't bother too me much.

  Belatucadrus 14:52 08 Mar 2017

My notification mail tuned up Feb 23rd and I've changed most places where it was still listed to something more recent.

Last time I had issues with their communication skills was when Orange suddenly doubled the charge for dial up and swore blind that I'd been informed, I hadn't.

  Forum Editor 16:59 08 Mar 2017

"EE have not given any notice of this"

As far as I am aware, emails were sent in February.

The change doesn't take effect until 31st May, so you have plenty of time to make alternative arrangements. Don't forget to back up your contact list, and any emails that you wish to keep - they'll all disappear for good on the date in question.

  Toneman 17:16 09 Mar 2017

Does this affect Freeserve which I have used since the year dot...

  LastChip 17:47 09 Mar 2017

Yes, it does.

  Toneman 17:56 09 Mar 2017

Thought so, thanks. I've heard nothing from them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 09 Mar 2017

I've heard nothing either, I log into here using my freeserve email account

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