Anyone from Rotherham here?

  Quickbeam 12:45 07 Jul 2013

I was passing through Rotherham yesterday afternoon on the way back from the Peak District and was awestruck by the town councils wild flower meadows on every roundabout, grass reservation and almost everywhere else.

They're about a meter high and an absolute blaze of Monet like multi-coloured impressionistic stippling.

Hats of to Rotherham town council.

  Nontek 14:06 07 Jul 2013

Never been to Rotherham, but I agree it is Hats-off to their Council.

  bumpkin 14:17 07 Jul 2013

I'm not from Rotherham but from your description and the photo it looks like a great idea. It would be nice if some other Councils tried it. I don't know the costs though, that may be an issue.

  Nontek 14:51 07 Jul 2013
  spuds 16:48 07 Jul 2013

Must be about 'City in Bloom' competition time, when a number of council's compete with each other, as to who as the very best displays?.

A few years ago, my local council got many business's to sponsor flower displays on all the major round-about's, verges and other major public areas. All looked very nice and proper, but over the past 2/3 years, many of the business's haven't bothered to give or offer sponsorship. Whether this as anything to do with the recession or perhaps council business rates, I wouldn't know?.

On one major round-a-about, some form of metal monument was put up, to this day, some people. like myself, are still trying to fathom out, what that monument is all about?.

  bumpkin 19:12 07 Jul 2013

I am in South Bucks and for a time they tried the sponsor a roundabout idea which was good to start with. Sponsors could have a small unobtrusive advert saying "sponsored by XXXX" there could be more than one sponsor with their ads in different places. The roundabouts looked great with their flower displays, seems to have been abandoned for whatever reason, money I expect.

  Aitchbee 20:32 07 Jul 2013

It's a great idea but some of the littler flowers are best observed close up. [Poached egg plant for example].

  martd7 21:15 07 Jul 2013

leeds have been doing this for some years,lots of roundabouts brimming with coloured flowers,they are sponsored by a well known curry restaurant

  woody 10:38 08 Jul 2013

Would anyone want to admit they come from Rotherham? LOL

  fourm member 10:42 08 Jul 2013

I'm not sure everyone is getting what I am assuming Quickbeam was talking about. That is, these are pseudo-wild-flower meadows not the sort of regimented displays of pansies and primulas that most councils seem to go for.

Rotherham is rare in actually creating a wild appearance but other councils are trying to encourage verges to run wild for the benefit of bees and other creatures.

Sadly, there is often some Moaning Minnie who writes to the local paper complaining that this makes the place look untidy or is creating risks for children and domestic animals because some of the plants that grow are potentially harmful.

  Quickbeam 11:11 08 Jul 2013

That's right fm, some of the roundabouts 100 metres across are just a blaze of wild meadow flowers, central reservations upto 10 metres wide and half a mile long are a full coloured carpet a metre deep between the lanes.

It's quite a sight, I'm surprised that there aren't any more pictures of it on the net, If I get time I'll go back and do some myself.

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