Anyone recommend restaurants

  OTT_B 21:00 19 Jan 2011

in St Petersburg and Moscow?

My visa finally came through so it looks like I'm in Russia at the beginning of Feb.
I like my food (no real time for tourist stuff) so restaurant recommendations would be appreciated :)

  Forum Editor 21:13 19 Jan 2011

without knowing more about your tastes. You say "I like my food", but so does everyone - any particular type of food.

When I'm there I usually call in at the Pushkin Café - don't be deterred by the word Café - and am never disappointed.

For something different you might like Mama Zoya, which is on a ship anchored in the Moscow river.

If you like sophistication, go to Nedalny Vostok and watch the beautiful Georgian girls being wined and dined by rich Moscow men. The food is superb, but it's not cheap. I try to get someone else to pay. It's very near to Red Square.

Moscow is full of restaurants, but lots of them are not worth the trouble.

You'll have fun - beware of the beggars in Red Square. A real bonus is to see a Russian wedding party in Red Square. There's a metal disc set into the ground at one of the entrances that is supposed to symbolise the very centre of Russia. Russian brides like to go there in full wedding dress and stand on the disc, throwing coins to the beggars. It's quite a sight - take a camera. Go into the square at night to see the domes in full glory, but don't leave it too late - they turn off the floodlights to save money.

  OTT_B 21:22 19 Jan 2011

Thanks FE. The write ups on Mama Zoya look very interesting.
Just to clarify, I really don't have any preference for style of food, but new-to-me is always good. For the last few years i've had a policy of, if possible, not ordering something off a menu in a restaurant that I have eaten before. So, I guess in the case of Russia, it would probably end up being something local or from a former bloc country.

  Forum Editor 23:44 19 Jan 2011

and I heard there was a fire there at some point in 2010, so check that it has reopened before trekking out to Gorky park - it's not the prettiest part of Moscow, and it would be a pain to get there and find the restaurant closed.

I like the Pushkin best of all, the food is excellent and the ambience is exactly what you imagined finding in a Moscow restaurant. Try the Stroganoff.

  Quickbeam 09:02 20 Jan 2011

...or for a safe bet click here

  OTT_B 09:55 20 Jan 2011


Just to reiterate, Quickbeam, I said I like FOOD!

I had a Macdonald's a few weeks ago, for the first time in years. It was worse than I remembered. Never has a better candidate existed for prosecution under the Trade Descriptions!

Mind you, i suspect I'd lose the case as 'Maccy D's' would argue that they sell 'MacDonalds', not food!

  morddwyd 10:19 20 Jan 2011

Quickbeam's link reminds me of a coach trip to Rome with a load of other Brits in the 80s.

We had travelled for two days and when we had booked into the hotel the whole coachload, except two, went rushing off with cries of glee, to a MacDonald's that somebody had spotted!

The two exceptions found a grimy little sub-basement place that was just like you imagine an Italian restaurant to be, full off Italians chatting at the top of their voices, the kids serving drinks and food, Mamma in the kitchen like a one armed paper hanger and Papa rushing round being very self important getting in everybody's way!

I'll wager our first night in Rome was a better experience, and has stayed in our memories linger, than our compatriots.

Whatever you plump for, OTT_B, make sure you pick well.

Your first night anywhere can never be repeated.

  jakimo 15:24 20 Jan 2011
  Forum Editor 17:44 20 Jan 2011

a McDonalds burger is made from 100% minced beef, with nothing added except some salt and pepper. It's cooked without any fat being added, and it doesn't have any binding agents added. What you're eating is beef that has been cooked between two hot metal plates.

There's no question of the company contravening the Trades Description Act.

In this country around two million people a day buy a McDonalds burger. I doubt that the company would sell so many if they didn't have some merit as a foodstuff.

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