Anyone own a Vauxhall Corsa

  al's left peg 18:38 21 Dec 2011

Hi guys,

My dad has got an 05 reg 1.4 and has asked me about a figure on the odometer.

His current mileage is 31,519. and his next service inspection is due in another 1900 miles, (it was serviced very recently). To reset the trip meter by pushing a button on the odometer itself resets that. However by pushing and holding this button shows up a figure like this: 026279 then next to it, 035.1. I believe that the 035.1 could be the current fuel consumption figure or average MPG, but I just don't understand what the 026279 figure could be.

Can anybody give me an idea on this please?

Happy Xmas, Al

  Graham* 00:38 22 Dec 2011

If it is automatic, that mpg could be correct. If it is manual, I would expect a higher figure. What the other number is, I don't know.

If a Vauxhall dealer is servicing the car, I would recommend shopping around. They have a policy of 'Find something wrong'.

  Quickbeam 08:47 22 Dec 2011

"They have a policy of 'Find something wrong'."

They all do! I put my VW into the dealers for a remote locking problem that only the dealers can do (closed shop con really). When I went back for it they made a great fuss over the fact that they'd given my car a free dealer safety check for my continued peace of mind, and the recommended repairs would only be £1500 if they were all done together as the cost of the individual repairs actually totalled up at £2,2050!

'Thanks, I'll check them myself I say'. It's since been through 2 MOTs and only one of the items has been replaced in last September.

Find a trustworthy independent and stick with them.

  Woolwell 11:30 22 Dec 2011

Does the Corsa have 2 trip settings? My Jazz does. This could explain the second reading.

  al's left peg 12:17 22 Dec 2011


I have only looked at it briefly as he has injured his wrist and not using it much at the moment. I did press and hold it in for over 5 seconds and it reset the main trip but the 026279 figure remained

  chub_tor 17:03 22 Dec 2011

I had a quick look at the online Users Manual and on Page 196 it says "The oil change and service intervals are flexible, based on a number of different parameters and the conditions under which the vehicle is used. Various engine-specific data is continuously recorded and used to calculate the remaining distance until the next service is due." It then goes on to say how the speedometer display can show the remaining distance before the next service.

The difference between the speedo reading and the mystery number is about 5400 so I am wondering if you 026279 number is the mileage on the car when it was last serviced. What do you think?

  Condom 22:47 22 Dec 2011

I would recommend a quick phone call to a Vauxhall dealer for peace of mind.

  al's left peg 18:36 24 Dec 2011


It has only done about 52 miles since it's last service, as I have checked the service book. Thanks for trying to answer my query though. It looks like it has two trip settings on it.

Condom, I rang Vauxhall and surprise surprise they wanted the vehicle to be taken in to give a proper diagnosis. In other words fetch it in and we will charge you an arm and a leg to tell you what it is.

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