Anyone own a Seat Leon?

  al's left peg 21:56 03 Feb 2010

Hi guys,

Been tasked with changing the plugs on a Leon 04 reg 1.6. Looked on net but can't find anything regarding the removal of a engine cover and how it's attatched to the engine. From what I can see it has a few star type screw fixings which hold it in place. I was just wondering if anyone on here has one of these cars and point me in the right direction. I can't believe how bloody awkward manufacturers make it to work on their cars nowadays.

  MAJ 22:40 03 Feb 2010

Have you tried the Leon forums? click here

  dagbladet 22:54 03 Feb 2010

"Have you tried the Leon forums?"

They're maybe cluttered with broken computer problems.

  al's left peg 23:03 03 Feb 2010

Thanks Maj, had a quick look will look again tomorrow evening. The Leon is based on a Golf and there are so many variants engine wise I just thought some one on here would of been able to help. It looks like I would have to join the Leon forums to ask the question. I may do that tomorrow, cheers all the same.

  Quickbeam 07:21 04 Feb 2010

Current VW engine covers just pull up. The tight fitting rubber grommet makes it feel more fitted than just a push fit.

The older fittings are the 2 or 3 torx (star) head screws, which will require a set of torx bits.

But I have to say, if the cosmetic cover is baffling you...

  Chegs ®™ 10:25 04 Feb 2010

Pop into the library & ask if they have the Leons Haynes manual.I own a Vectra and all the flooding around here recently resulted in its alternator expiring.I undid all the bolts but wasn't able to remove the alternator from behind the engine,so obtained the Haynes manual from the library.In its pages it explained the correct method(lower it out the bottom)which I did,but the replacement alternator was physically larger and gave me no end of trouble getting it back behind the engine.I eventually resorted to a crowbar or two,a couple mates swinging on them to move the engine forwards and was able to squeeze it back behind the engine from the side.

I hope you don't have the same aggravation with the vehicles remote locking as I did.When I undid the battery terminals,the alarm went off causing me to startle as it was very loud & tried to turn it off with the key fob.I then removed the battery and stored it in the shed.As I had to visit the library for the Haynes book,I closed the bonnet & collected up my tools.The following day I discovered that the exterior doorlock cannot be operated by the key so had to open the boot(saloon)and climb in,force up the parcel shelf to reach the catch holding the rear seat backs,then crawl through to the front seat to unlock the front door and fall out onto the pavement,wishing the whole time that it hadn't been a school day else I could've asked my daughter to do this as I'm not as supple as I once was. :)

  jack 10:38 04 Feb 2010

I became the proud owner of a SAAB 99
Then as now SAAB cars were a collation of other makes bitz'n'pieces.
The engine was BMC Triumph[with SAAB mods]
Running gear AC Delco[GM] Brakes were Girling,
I soon learned to visit the appropriate main dealers for parts[at cheaper prices] then the SAAB dealer.
So in your case as mentioned research VW for you info.

  al's left peg 19:34 04 Feb 2010

I was waiting for a response, like the one at the end of your post. Although I am not a mechanic, I rebuilt an engine aged 15 and regularly carry out basic servicing. I just thought it would be worth asking on here.

Chegs, I may enquire at the library like you suggest to get a look at the Haynes manual.

Jack, do you think it will be worth publishing a thread on here titled: "Anyone own a VW Golf 1.6"?

I will tick as resolved, thanks for any suggestions.

  jack 08:48 06 Feb 2010

The best bet for question such as yours is
Like this one

click here

  egapup 12:38 06 Feb 2010

Undo the aint rocket science.

  lotvic 17:39 06 Feb 2010

Fridges are easier.. and you can keep your open tin of tomatoes in for a couple of days.

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