Anyone noticed the relentless overuse of ...

  Aitchbee 19:37 21 May 2018

the word INCREDIBLE?

usually by the upper class who think it's cool.


  Aitchbee 19:40 21 May 2018

Incredibly, I've made a mistake. Should have said IN-CRED-IB-LY.

  bumpkin 21:18 21 May 2018

usually by the upper class who think it's cool.

Incredibly cool???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:19 21 May 2018

Unfortunately a lot of words are not only overused but misused as well.

  Forum Editor 22:39 21 May 2018

"usually by the upper class who think it's cool."

Upper class? is there such a thing as a lower class, then, and if so who among us claims to be a member of it?

I think you'll find that there are words which are over-used and/or misused by people throughout society. Just watch a reality TV program or two, and you'll soon see (or rather hear) what I like mean, like. Apparently, lots of things are very unique, or awesome and some people think other people are really sick, but in a nice way.

It's all just language, and it comes and goes like the tides - it's never ending, and it has always been thus. Nothing to get too excited about.

For a while, certain words and phrases become the almost exclusive property of peer groups, and the people on the inside know what others on the inside are saying. Young people, in particular (but not exclusively) are good at using language to indicate that they belong to a social group, and as soon as they realise that others - perhaps older - groups are adopting their sayings they drop them and move onto something else. It's been going on for centuries.

  morddwyd 09:20 22 May 2018

How many times was "extraordinary" used on Saturday, to describe quire normal things?

  Old Deuteronomy 10:04 22 May 2018

The misuse of "unique" is something that really irritates me. There are no degrees of uniqueness, either something is unique, i.e. there is only one, or it is not. Something cannot be "quite unique", or "very unique".

  wee eddie 10:08 22 May 2018

Wow! Cool man!

As my one time peer group would have said, and driven my parents demented

  Cymro. 11:01 22 May 2018

I never understood why some people get angry about such things. Best we try to avoid AAAAArgh!!!! moments in our lives and get on with the more important things

  Aitchbee 12:47 24 May 2018

Cymro, all is well with the world! I've just heard Winifred Robinson on Radio4' Consumer programme use the alternative expression ' barely believable ' referring to the amount of asparagus consumed in Germany. Thanks, Winifred ;o)

  MJS WARLORD 19:53 24 May 2018

ok so here's another word for you ARKSED , pronounced ARK ST . ( asked)

Ethnic people ( I am not a racist ) use this all the time , they use it on tv soaps and during news interview , I don't know any none white people who use this word.

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