Anyone not read?

  DANZIG 07:33 15 Mar 2008

I noticed last week, for the first time, that my other half's folks don't read.

I don't mean they can't - they just don't.

Apparently the mother in law finds reading 'boring'. There isn't a single book in the house.

Now having grown up at my mum's who's house is stiff with books, I find that really weird.

Anyone else not read through choice??

  wiz-king 08:06 15 Mar 2008

I know several people that have nice tidy houses (unlike mine - books everywhere) and only have a few (unused?) books in the kitchen. When I had a tunout last year and replaced my goaning bookshelves I gave away 200 books but it did not seem to reduce the pile much.

  laurie53 08:13 15 Mar 2008

I can remember being totally shocked once when my sister-in-law told me she had tried to read a book once but didn't like it (the experience, not the book).

I think I'd sooner be without my tv/radio, or even my PC, than books.

Just as an aside, what is the most number of times you have re-read a book?

Some of my favourites are probably over 20 by now.

  DANZIG 08:16 15 Mar 2008

I must admit to re-reading books.

I re-read my Shaun Hutson books (I have every one he has written, been collecting them for about 15 years now) and my Douglas Adams' books.

  wiz-king 08:16 15 Mar 2008

Looks like I should of kept the dictionaries!

  jack 08:31 15 Mar 2008

Folk that have been brought up with the electronic distraction to the fore I guess could be in a world of the non-book trained so to speak, although perhaps perfectly literate in other respects.

I find I am quite the reverse- I can have several library books on the go simultaneously.
A novel downstairs, one by the bed[ current authors Lee Child, Kathy Reich .Ian Rankin, Ian McEwan,Jilliane Hoffman, and one or perhaps two what I call 'dipping books' currently a history of the Arctic Convoys to Russia WW2.
Some titles will really be gripping and will be read during the 3 week period, or renewed, some others will be turned in started but discarded- you cant like 'em all- and sometimes, as in the case of the current Rankin- because I have read it previously and too recently to be refreshed,

Why did I pick it up you may ask- well I thought that too-
This one is the hardback- perchance I had the paper back first time around and the presentation was slightly different- who knows.

  Mike D 08:52 15 Mar 2008

My wife rarely read until last year. She started to read a Rosamund(?) Pilcher book, and now she reads in her llunch break, at bedtime and all sorts of other odd times.
It gives me a bit of piece to get on with my books. I find that my appalling memeory allows me to re-read books with a fresh eye each time. Not very often I can't find something I haven't read!

  Brumas 09:25 15 Mar 2008

When we down-sized from a 3 bedroomed house to a 2 bedroomed bungalow we got rid of 8 boxes of books to the local charity shops - I think we have just about caught up again! Talk about ' a quart into a pint pot won't go' ;o(
Fortunately we live quite near Barters, the second largest second-hand bookshop in Britain, where we take our books, when we have finished with them - at present we are £71 in credit :o))

  Jim Thing 09:37 15 Mar 2008

"I find that my appalling memory allows me to re-read books with a fresh eye each time."

I share your problem, although in my case that's one of the few advantages of being a forgetful old git — I can enjoy John le Carré's books over and over again.

  PRONMEISTER 09:50 15 Mar 2008

I read quite a lot but I never read novels.

  Quickbeam 10:27 15 Mar 2008

My father read 3/5 books a week, my mother (81) still reads 2/3 a week, and brothers and sisters all read. I'm a binge reader. I go a month or two without, then I quickly read an epic that I can't put down... then I go dry for a month but maybe reread parts in the meantime to remind me if the plot is complex :)

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