Anyone know anything about .. Fireplaces

  Rigga 08:32 02 Dec 2008

Hi all,

We currently have a hole in our living room wall where I would guess used to house a real fire place.

We are now looking to fill said hole with a new fireplace / stove / anything that will give heat and look nice :)

However the hole is tiny, H:600mm W:385mm D:260mm

I have tried looking on-line for something to fit in this hole to no avail.

So knowing you very helpful people love a challenge, I thought I would ask for your assistance.

Regards. R.

  €dstowe 08:45 02 Dec 2008

Get a builder to have a look at the hole - and examine to see if a fireplace is viable before proceeding. He may even be able to tell you what options are available regarding type and style.

  Quickbeam 08:46 02 Dec 2008

"I would guess used to house a real fire"
You need to find out for sure. If it is a fairly modern house, it may only be a feature not intended to have a real fire. Real fireplaces are lined with fire bricks and on a concrete platform (I'm sure there will be a real builders term for that).

I know of someone that decided to have a real fire in a feature fireplace and ended up with 3 fire engines at the door... Speak to a competent builder.

  laurie53 08:49 02 Dec 2008

I know someone who was convinced that the fireplace had been bricked up in her new home.

She demolished three walls before she was convinced (she left the one with the window in it!).

  Quickbeam 09:02 02 Dec 2008

A hearth of course click here But I think they still need a fire resistant layer on top.

  Rigga 09:08 02 Dec 2008

Thanks for the replies.. pretty sure it was a real fire, it's an old house (circa 1920) with two proper chimneys, one in the living room, and one in the dining room, although the dining room fireplace has been blocked up.

You can also feel the draft coming down the living room chimney, probably needs a sweep though.

Was mainly worried about the size of the hole. All fireplaces I have researched are too large, and don't really want to get builders to extend the hole to fit a fireplace. (Can't really afford that at the moment)


  oresome 10:48 02 Dec 2008

Don't attempt to open up the hole yourself. The entire weight of the chimney stack could be left unsupported.

  Quickbeam 10:55 02 Dec 2008

If it's not been used for years I'd treat it like a car that's been off the road for a long time, get a competent tradesman in to check it over first.

  smartpoly 11:25 02 Dec 2008

I had a similar problem last year, I found a small stand alone electric coal effect heater fitted, quite small but just a little wider than your space although mine stands forward slightly of the rear hole due to being a bit too wide.

Its one of these,
click here

  peter99co 11:50 02 Dec 2008

We are now looking to fill said hole with a new fireplace / stove / anything that will give heat and look nice :)

This link has some good ideas on it.

click here

  wiz-king 11:58 02 Dec 2008

You may find that the hole was larger and has been bricked up at some time to be used as a flue for a gas fire. If you can get a mirror in the hole you should be able to see if there is a lintel at about 3ft above the hearth, that would be the original hight of an open fire place, that is the mantelpiece.

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