anyone know of any 'think tanks' that need axing

  Seth Haniel 08:20 17 Mar 2010

click here

Nearly 30,000 hospital beds in England should be axed to save money and improve care, a think tank says.

  Quickbeam 08:26 17 Mar 2010

Can't think of one offhand...

  Seth Haniel 08:41 17 Mar 2010

pity... i'm sure there are some about...

  Quickbeam 08:45 17 Mar 2010

I think the government should set up a think tank, to think about think tanks...

  Quickbeam 08:46 17 Mar 2010

Wadayou think;)

  Seth Haniel 08:46 17 Mar 2010

in the Think tank.

  jack 09:14 17 Mar 2010

are the provenance of the Universities and government resources should not be spent in this way.
So often these so called 'reports'are cooked up by parties with an axe to grind and are taken out of context of the general document.

As for hospital bed reduction
This is an old one - and whilst some old style hospital/Health authority may still exist with massive Victorian piles with beds for 1000's the trend is to reduce hospital incarceration.

For example- This area had 3 general hospitals with a possible total of 1000+ beds.
The new PFI 'wonder' came along with but 400
and the old establishments were demolished.
The cry went up [10 years ago this was] not enough- will be sleeping in the corridors.
But it did not happen
Advances in medical technology that's why.
In days past an abdominal procedure [lets say hernia or appendectomy] would mean theatre time then days perhaps a week in bed.
Not now
Take my case, an abdominal rummage went like this.
Report to hospital 8 am
In theatre by 9am
Recovery by 11am
Collected by daughter 1 pm
To local health centre for dressing check and removal 4 days later..
But things can go awry- my late wife broke her wrist.
Set and plastered in the normal day in
EU -an inspection letter deduced that a reset was needed in theatre under general anesthesia- called in.- starved- prepped ready to go - cancelled- several times over coming days- and she was kept in awaiting a slot-
The reason - Hospital sits in the middle of M25/A2/M20 junctions- constant stream of motorway scrapings requiring immediate attention- put non urgent cases back- eventually a very apologetic lead surgeon got it done- at 3am on about the fourth day.
Beds or lack thereof cannot account for that.

  Kevscar1 09:36 17 Mar 2010

I really think they should be renamed. Lets come up with something to justify our existance tanks.

  egapup 09:41 17 Mar 2010

No doubt they cost a fortune, scrap the lot.

  Forum Editor 12:55 17 Mar 2010

do an excellent job, and they've been responsible for many economies and improvements in society.

The problem is that lots of people only have to hear the words 'think tank' and they knee jerk a negative reaction. Better to have a group of clear thinking, objective people looking at a situation than lots of individuals, all with a personal agenda, going their own unstructured ways.

  Seth Haniel 15:00 17 Mar 2010

and give our hospital a few more ;(

Talking from personal experience Monday morning when my fther passed away

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