Anyone know of any decent door locking systems?

  MFielding 12:34 12 Feb 2013

I've had a few break in's in the past so need a new locking system for my door. I've been advised to this company has anyone heard of them or would recommend anyone?

  wiz-king 13:37 12 Feb 2013

Depend on the type of door/frame.

  csqwared 13:41 12 Feb 2013

As wiz-king has pointed out, depends on what you currently have. If it's PVC a look here might help:-


The type of lock recommended is extremely easy to fit (one screw) and it might be worth checking with your local police station, in our area if you have been the subject of burglary they are fitting them free. Also have a word with a reputable locksmith, they are usually very helpful.

  Woolwell 13:50 12 Feb 2013

A monitored burglar alarm could well be a good investment. A lock is only as good as the door it is in and the frame in which the door fits.

  wee eddie 13:56 12 Feb 2013

As Woolwell has suggested. A Highly Visible Alarm System, preferrably Monitored would be a sensible move.

Almost any lock, if the temptation is sufficient, is surmountable.

So, external Lighting and a simple CCTV System might be appropriate.

  MFielding 14:15 12 Feb 2013

We UPVC at the moment.

Thanks guys, CCTV sounds like a good investment too, i'm abit weary about lighting as my neighbour has a flood light in their back garden which turns on in the middle of the night if a cat walks by. Not the best thing if your garden backs onto another house!

Thanks again I'll check them out csqwared.

  wee eddie 17:24 12 Feb 2013

MFielding: That makes the point in their favour.

No Thief wants to be caught in the glare of the lights.

More than likely they will try your door instead. Where they can do their business without the risk of detection!

  bumpkin 18:27 12 Feb 2013

Mortice bolts that can only be locked or unlocked from inside are probably as good as anything for reasonable security.

  spuds 18:30 12 Feb 2013

Most household insurance policies now state the type of locks required as a minimum requirement, so perhaps work on that advice.

At the end of the day, no matter what you fit or use, there are ways of gaining entry, and professional thieves, police and insurance companies know this.

We have cctv, alarms and two robust dog's, but they didn't stop someone from putting their foot 'accidently' through an outbuilding roof the other night. Had they dropped the twelve feet to a concrete floor or among various solid machinery, then I suppose an ambulance chaser would be knocking the door by now?.

  carver 19:37 12 Feb 2013

If at any time you do think about security lights then put them in a place where they shine onto the house not away from it.

  woodchip 20:27 12 Feb 2013

If you have Wood Door frames, you need to screw long screws into the fram from inside to external just so they do not come out at the outside, these need to be near the the locking bolt that is turned by the Key, this will stop Splitting of the Frame under bashing, bolts are best put at the top of doors as you cannot get any fours behind these to burst through the door, fit good 5 lever security locks with hardened pins in the bolt to stop sawing through. any extra locks will not come a miss but you need the above for external exit security. if they are determined to get in they will find a way. You have to think like a Burglar to stop them. there are other easier ways of getting into a house, ask what would you do if you locked yourself out

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